Will you cherish this drink? Have and hold it, even though you know you’ll feel hungover tomorrow? I do.

The best part of a wedding day is the night time drinking and dancing – so why not cut straight to the chasers with none of the life long commitment? There will be bouquet throwing, cake cutting, bubbles flowing, buffet fingering, first dances and all the fun of the affair. The soundtrack for the evening will consist of Motown, soul, pop, funk, hip hop, cheese and some whacking great power ballads.


The masterminds behind the night are the dastardly duo behind Liquidation. The club night Liquidation has been a regular fixture of the Liverpool club scene since 1993. A playground for music makers and music lovers across the generations and still packs a crowd today in its current home of Heebie Jeebies Basement every Saturday night.


We caught up with Jules Bennett, one half of Liquidation:

“When we started, bars were just playing house all over the city. No one thought there was a gap for some rock’n’roll and new wave in a club, which for a city with our history was a tragedy. 22 years later and we’re still here, proudly indie, proudly independent. I get jealous thinking what it must be like to be dancing to ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ or ‘There She Goes’ in a club for the first time”.

Maybe this evening is Jules living out that very dream. Or maybe not. Truth be told, we don’t care. We’re jumping on the carriage and dancing the night away.


It’s £5 on the door but if you post your name up on the event wall here before the special day you can get in for £4 – see you there!