This Saturday we’ll be on the streets of Liverpool with the other people behind Awesome Foundation Liverpool handing out 100 envelopes with a £5 note inside each one. The idea is that those 100 people will do something with it to help someone who needs it more and we can encourage of day of giving and awesomeness. From buying a homeless person a coffee to paying for somebody’s bus, these random acts of kindness can make somebody’s day and could encourage someone to give another random act of kindness and pay it forward. The idea is there will be lots more smiles in the streets. From 10.30am onwards on Bold Street we’ll be handing pink envelopes out, see you then!


Awesome Liverpool is a collection of people in Liverpool who listen to monthly pitches that are intended to make Liverpool more awesome and help fund it with a £500 grant. Keep up to date with Awesome Liverpool by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and checking out the website.