Mark your calendar: As many as 200 meteors per hour might be visible in the sky!

With next week fast approaching, mark the dates of the 11th and 12th of August in your calendar as the famous Perseid Meteor Shower will bring a cosmic display of shooting stars that will light up the night sky. It’s hard to find places in a big city with as little light pollution as possible but if you can, head there immediately. Crosby Beach or any local parks will be the best place to enjoy the spectacular view.

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How to watch the spectacular display:

Open your eyes and look up. Who’d have guessed it? Just kidding, the best would be to go outside around midnight and dawn on the 12th of August. Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness outside, and then lie down on your back and look straight up at the sky. If you just so happen to have a bottle of wine beside you at the time, we’d also advise drinking it and refilling the glass when you can.