There’s no friendlier folk than Scousers.

FreeOfficeFinder has recently conducted a survey throughout the UK to find out about friendships within the workplace. They asked a sample of 300 staff (150 males and 150 females) from 10 of the UK’s biggest cities. These were: London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle Bournemouth, Birmingham. Whether you’re on the Dolly Parton 9-5 or working the graveyard shift over the weekend, chances are you’ll end up spending a lot of time with work mates. From getting the brews in to the Friday after work pint that turns into five, these people eventually become a big part of our lives. For some, this will make them shriek in horror but for others, mainly Liverpool, that isn’t such a bad thing. 

Overall, 53% of office workers across the UK said that they have a friend in their workplace. Office workers from Liverpool are the most likely to have friends in the workplace, as 217 (or 72%) of staff answered yes. When you split that up into men and women, a massive 80% of females from Liverpool have friends in the office, with 65% of males answering the same. There was a noticeable divide between north and south when it came to having friends outside the office. In every southern city they surveyed, less than half of the participants said they are friends with their workmates, with the north being the complete opposite. Funnily enough, Birmingham (neither north nor south) scored 53%, which is the closest to 50% out of any place we surveyed. Office workers in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Bournemouth scored the lowest, with Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle having the most friends within their office.

Would we expect anything less? Certainly not. Read the full study here