Talk about a quite literal blast from the bast.

Nerf guns were once an epic part of many childhoods and that love is about to be reloaded. The new Nerf Centre is aimed at children five years and above. We hope, at twenty five, we’re still applicable to do battle. Remember, as toddlers, the playground was our battle arena. Our fingers were our weapons, our mouths were the noise and our imagination was the key. In a world full of digital dominance, the Nerf Centre is a refreshing way for kids (and big kids) to have fun.

The centre will be located on Vauxhall Road and has been created in a special space by the chaps behind Ultimate Indoor Paintball which is in the adjoining unit. It plans to open May 28th and although the majority of the excitement is meant to be held within toddlers, I think we can speak for all adults when we say we’re so excited. There will be sixty guns on site and the bullets will be made of foam meaning nobody will get hurt.

Find out more by giving them a call on this number 0151 353 7901. 

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