I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

The ice cream parlour in Calderstones Park launched last year in October. What? Ice cream in October?! Somewhere a really astute and zealous British person is putting down their Battenberg and signing off an email with “regards” in sheer outrage to this topic seeping past September. However, true advocates of ice cream crave its scrumptiousness all-year round. The temperature outside has no bearing on the desire to sink a spoon the size of a ladle into a Mt Everest landscape of ice cream where there’s a race against time to eat it all before it has melted down the sides. No matter what the weather, ice cold happiness awaits.


The rather majestic Calderstones Park is a sight for sore eyes through any season but is especially beautiful in the beginning of Autumn. Tall dark tree trunks as well as the floor are covered in an array of green, light and dark brown leaves. The crunch of the leaves beneath your feet alongside the crisp Autumn air makes for a very lovely affair and a damn good afternoon stroll. Whilst there are many natural sights to behold, there are also some lovely humans that call Calderstones home. If you haven’t heard of The Reader, it is an award-winning national charity based in Liverpool working to connect people with great literature through shared reading. They bring books to life and form vital connections between words and people and it turns out they’re make a pretty mean sundae too.


The building itself is honest and is shown the utmost respect. The original beams that hold the building up are hundreds of years old and have thankfully been kept as they add a real oldie worldie feel. Most of the original brick remains which makes for a beautiful backdrop amongst the dark wooden benches and window arches. A local artist was given freedom of reign to brighten up the walls and has done an incredible job with his illustrations. It is mesmerisingly kaleidoscopic and the geometrical shapes, colours and patterns made quite the impression on us. A very modern cherry on the top of a quite traditional ice cream parlour.


Now the important part, the ice cream itself. They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing. Fans of variety and fussy eaters will be happy to see the extensive range. Classics such as vanilla, chocolate and raspberry ripple lay amongst sticky toffee pudding and salted caramel. No matter what your choice of scoop, you’ll find something to lick here. And it isn’t all about the cones. They also specialise in awesome sundaes and you know what rhymes with sundaes? Fun days. We got so carried away with the fun we’ve made our own. It is a chocolate ripple cookie dough, sticky toffee pudding and butterscotch concoction with crushed melters and a cherry on top that isn’t for the faint hearted. We’ve become quite well known for glorifying the extremes in modern-day gastronomy and considering we had the chance to make our own sundae, we weren’t going to stop tradition.


We’re also very pleased to announce that cardholders can get 20% off with the card. Head down for a walk in the park with an ice cream in one hand and a loved one in the other (whether they stand on two or four legs). It is what life is all about.


The Reader Ice Cream Parlour,

Calderstones Park

L18 3JB