Why did the chicken cross the road? To go to Liverpool’s first ever comedy club.

There’s always something happening in Liverpool and although it’s technically our job to keep up with it, sometimes thing escape the net. Liverpool’s first comedy club; Hot Water Comedy Club opened just off Seel Street and with a city famed for its humour, it’s about time. Opposite Grove, the hidden cul de sac now has an injection of comedy as they opened their doors just before Christmas. Whilst many believe Hot Water is this brand new thing that’s all new and exciting, it’s actually been going for seven years. Run by two brothers, like all good ideas the Hot Water Comedy Club happened completely by accident. Over the last seven years they’ve had nights in Envi, The Crown Hotel, Holiday Inn and all other sorts of dark basements spotted around the city that encompass what they’re about: giving a stage for local comedy.

Seven days a week they open their doors to punters for belly laughs. Monday to Wednesday is completely free and the rest of the days are usually just a couple of quid. Climb the Everest like stairs and be greeted by a room full of character and lowly hung light bulbs that brighten the room. In the corner you’ll find a traffic light. Obviously. Amongst other eclectic items that try show off the brother’s personalities. The club aims to bring a mix of local and well-known comedians to the stage as well as their open mic nights where the floor is there for everyone. If you dare, that is. For those not just ready yet, they’re launching a series of comedy labs soon to get a true insight into the perfect joke and performance.

The two brothers and their story encompasses exactly why we started Independent Liverpool. There’s something so special about grassroots and hearing a story of two lads putting on comedy nights for a small number of people who have now got the keys to their own space. Over the last few years they’ve had some huge names, including a secret gig from Russell Kane. They’ve risked everything they had just to make a few people laugh so we encourage you to do something a little different and head down to one of their nights. You can check the full schedule of their upcoming nights here. The future looks bright for the brothers behind it as they have huge plans for the space they call home. Expect a restaurant, a rooftop terrace and above all that, a bloody good time.