A little birdie told us about this new golf place that promises to be a hole-in-one.


The independent scene in Liverpool has been explosive as of late. There’s no denying that Liverpool is on a roll and this train shows no sign of stopping. Amid the wonderful offerings, there has been one underlying current theme: food. Which, if you know us, we are completely fine with. But if we are honest, a little bit of us has been waiting for something to shake up the scene and ladies and gentlemen, it is with no doubt that we can declare, we’ve found it. Welcome to Ghetto Golf; an 18-hole urban wonderland of good old fashioned fun.


For those that don’t know, Cains is a brewery in Liverpool, founded in 1858 by Robert Cain. Whilst the taps have been dry for some time, the imagination of the building hadn’t and after many years, the iconic and beautiful hop headquarters of Liverpool is about to be turned into some of the most exciting news we’ve heard in years. Eighteen holes of golf but not like you know it.


You may want to leave the visors, linen trousers and frightening jumpers at home for this one. There’s a certain allure to the building; partly because of its history and mainly because of its future. Take a walk around and the industrial mirage that lays before you will be halted by two things: a giant ship spray painted gold and a sign declaring “Ghetto Golf”. What lays inside is entirely bonkers but if Alice in Wonderland taught us anything, all the best things are.


Take a walk inside and gaze at the wonderful flow of the building. The beers have been swapped for balls, the casks for clubs and the barley for barmy.  A bridge with “The Pies” spray painted on it pays homage to their love of graffiti and everything Northern. The 18 hole course of golf isn’t really like anything we’ve seen. There are no windmills fanning around in a perfect 360 motion stopping the shot or a laughing clown deconstructing its jaw; it’s imaginative fun and each hole tells a different story. All that golf can be thirsty work so you’ll be pleased to know there’s three different bars to choose from with a huge emphasis on quality and craft cocktails. This place is a bit like life in that it’s all about the journey and this journey ends at a party bar just after the eighteenth hole. If anyone needs us for the foreseeable future, we’ll be the ones there with a beer in our hands beneath the DJ who will be suspended in a make-shift tree house. Because, obviously.

The holes themselves are a museum of sorts that will take you to different decades, eras and worlds. We especially approve of the Pacman room where each hole in one comes with a massive serving of nostalgia. Talking of servings, hot dog perfections and everybody’s favourite Meet Frank will be slinging their delicious dogs all day long. There are rumours there’ll be a Hall of Fame for people who eat one on the way in and on the way out. You might not go down in local Liverpool folklore but we’ll sure as hell admire you.


Just a couple months ago this building was a disused, oil-ridden hunk of abandoned divinity that many wanted to be turned into something. Two best friends have taken that leap and with a hell of a lot of help and even more canisters of spray paint, we like to believe they’re onto something special. Every sixteen hour day, every aching arm from graffitiing and the odd grey hair will be worth it as they join the group of people putting this city on the map. Ghetto Golf opens in three weeks time but you can book a slot now following this link here. Even though we have no doubt it’ll be incredibly successful, we still wish them all the luck. Please do support them and like their Facebook page here, following them on Twitter here and Instagram here.