Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Pizza consists of just a few ingredients; water, flour, sauce and cheese. Isn’t it quite often that the simplest are often the best? Pizza is a universal language and something TriBeCa have been fluent in for almost a decade. For many patrons, TriBeCa has been the place to find pizza enlightenment and the go-to pizzeria with a city-centre and suburban venue. It is with great sadness that we heard the news yesterday that the city-centre version will be closing. But wait, there’s good news…

Although the doors of Tribeca shall close on 24th June, it will pave the way for something new. Not just different from Tribeca, but something different for Liverpool. Say hello to Porky’s Ski Hütte – the city’s first après-ski inspired venue with live bands, big beers and lots of fizz. Post-slopes all over Europe there are bars like Porky’s, where people can let their hair down after a day on the snow. The bars in ski resorts are well known for being a short intense party between finishing your skiing and getting back to your Chalet. Usually littered with shots, large beers, Jägerbombs and table dancing. Although the former sentence sounds like a standard night to most of us, Porky’s plans to be nothing like Liverpool has ever seen before.

We caught up with Dom Levi, the man responsible for all the great pizza and fond memories:

“TriBeCa Berry Street has been an amazing part of our company for the last 8 years, but to allow us to open a new concept in this area we have chosen to close it in June 2017 to free up the building to become our new & most spectacular venture yet – Porky’s Ski Hütte. We hope to find a space in the Ropewalks area to continue serving our much loved Tribeca pizzas in town, but in the meantime pizza lovers can get their regular Tribeca fix at our Smithdown road branch.

Next week will see the end of an era as TriBeCa Berry Street closes its doors on Saturday 24th June with a huge party – keep an eye out for loads of old school offers from over the years available throughout our last week. Porky’s Ski Hütte due to open mid August is a huge fun filled aprés ski bar focused on great live entertainment, dj’s, amazing beers, cocktails & fizz”

So, although one of the city’s most favourite pizza joints is closing – there’s no need to be sad. The Smithdown version is staying and is inheriting the pizza chefs from Berry Street and on top of that we all get a new place to drink until the early hours of the morning. With or without the ski boots.