Liverpool’s always been swinging but from the looks of this video, it was never more apparent than in the 60’s.

We’ve all got a favourite decade and we’ve all got a decade we wish we grew up in. For us, we wish we’d been around for the psychedelic 60’s. Where everyone had a hippie phase and every barber was knocking out Beatles haircuts left, right and centre. Take a trip down memory lane or yearn for a time where you wish you belonged with these golden three minutes guaranteed to make you melancholic, happy and proud, all at the same time. It may be in black and white but the vibrancy of the city is still captured and you can only imagine the evenings in The Cavern Club. This video is not only brilliant, it’s a huge reminder of how far the city has come. It’s amazing to see how much she’s developed and been spruced up since then and a fantastic insight into our city.

Once again, proud to be a scouser. Enjoy the video here.


Special thanks to Keith Hobbs for sharing it.