Aren’t the best journeys in life the most unexpected ones?

We like to think so. The nights where an innocent pint turns into bedlam, a simple date turns into something special and where a lovely gesture turns into something incredible. Liam Devereux has always wanted to create pieces of art on how he sees Liverpool. This little thing called life stood in the way until a friend asked him to help with some artwork for a wedding. The impetus he needed to walk him down the aisle. Little did he know, this simple gesture would lead to a final body work of Liverpool. 7 prints of Liverpool, with just 30 copies each proving that a picture really does say a thousand words.


Liam wanted to use the invites to tell a bit of a story. You know what we  creatives are like; nothing is simple. The initial illustrations were designed specifically with the wedding in mind: guests arriving at Lime St Station, a ceremony at St George’s Hall, the reception in one of the renovated warehouses, and a city going to rest in the moonlight (well some of it resting anyway). A long the journey he created, he reflected on his own. He also wanted to expand out of the city centre and look to places that had shaped so much of his memories – Sefton Park, the pine woods in Formby, his home town Southport.


There’s something really special about Liam’s work. Minimal is an incredibly hard process to master but Liam’s snapshots look effortless. There’s a passion propelling the work, the small snapshots are meant to represent the imprints the city has left on him. Something we can relate to. So although these are his memories and his interpretations, so many have found solace and comfort in his art as they relate to their own memories. It represents the simple, ordinary and everyday beauty that can be too easily forgotten. The up close and personal parts of Liverpool that resonates with the natives. Of course Liverpool is most special when we have huge Giants parading our streets or international brands gracing our stages but it’s the private moments we have with a city that mean the most.


Check his prints out here.