What happens on prom night, stays on prom night.

New Year’s Eve is a night shrouded with pressure. The pressure to have fun, kiss goodbye to the old you and kiss your future partner at the stroke of midnight. That’s why the news of an All-American prom returning to the Baltic Triangle is very welcome as you know you’re in for a classic. We’ve all grown up watching Hollywood blockbusters that surround a group of people leading up to their prom night, now it’s your turn to put on the dodgy gown. The final goodbye dance of high school and New Year’s Eve are quite alike in that both promise to be the best night of your life but never have the two been combined before. Say hello to “Prom: Snow Ball edition” where we will all dance and fall in love, if just for one night.

On 1st October the idea for Prom launched. It was a complete sell out and people came with huge hair, velvet suits and giant shoulder pads all in the hope of being crowned Prom King or Queen – the elusive and prestigious title that only a select few will ever experience. The class of 1986 Baltic High were graduating and they wanted to go out with a bang. A night of confetti, corsage’s and colourful tiaras was on the cards and it will go down in history. The New Year’s Eve edition plans to be much of the same; an excellent finger buffet, limos, 80’s anthems, live bands, bowls of punch and not so virgin cocktails. For the New Year’s Eve edition expect a winter twist with fake snow, ice sculptures and more. Well, it’s the brainchild of Josh from Waxxx and Bongo’s Bingo and his friend Ben running it so when we say “more” you can only imagine what to expect. We don’t know about you but we’re struck to find a better way to welcome 2017 with open arms.


There’s some early bird tickets for just £10, grab yours here.

Featured image by @lumurray