Hot gin? That’ll keep us warm all winter.

We don’t have to tell you about the gin craze that has swept the world, you’ve probably got one in your hand right now. But when the sun disappears (did it even appear?) and we swap our shorts for scarves, the gin usually goes back in the cupboard and its Baileys and mulled wines time to shine. Not anymore. Hot gin is the new craze that has taken over Soho and the geniuses behind it, Sipsmith Gin, are coming up North to warm our cockles with their lovely hot gin cocktails for a special event like no other.

It will be hosted by Furnival’s Well, the cocktail bar with a Victorian heartbeat. Berry ’N Rye became custodians of the beautiful Bridewell building in Liverpool sometime last year and named it after the inn where Dickens resided for 4 years prior to his first visit to Liverpool. Originally a prison, you’ll want them to lock you’ll voluntarily want them to throw away the keys as long as the gin keeps flowing. The hostess with the mostest with be Cocktail Kate, everyone’s favourite drink connoisseur who hosted many gin journeys in The Botanical Garden. This event, however, will have a Winter twist and will have a special food menu from Rack ’N’ Dollar to go with it. 

If you like the sound of hot gin cocktails, an immersive exploration into the history of the botanical movement and food delivered from Rack ’N’ Dollar you’ll like the sound of this. The event is on 6th October and tickets are £32, which includes 3 cocktails, your own gin to take away and more. Get yours here.