Salt and pepper: it’s more than a seasoning – it’s a way of life.

When you hear the words salt and pepper, what springs to mind? Is it siu mai? Chips? Or an American hip-hop trio from New York City well known for a song called ‘Push It’? Just in case you didn’t know, Liverpool loves its salt and pepper. Over, under and on anything. And when we say salt and pepper we’re not talking about the stuff that comes in separate grinders to season your food, we’re talking about the mysterious Chinese mix that is a little hot, a little sweet and goes good with practically anything. As you’re about to find out.

What is it that is so good about salt and pepper covered things? Life is all about the yin and yang, the sweet and sour, the Pina and the colada. It’s the perfect blend of spice, sweet and salty and although one portion of salt and pepper siu mai’s might dehydrate you beyond belief and have you gasping for anything liquid at 4am in the morning – we can’t help but go back for more.

Salt and pepper fish and chips – King Cod

Now, as much as we love fusion, we’re not barbaric – we believe there is a line. We did feel the line was fish and chips and that there’s nothing you could do to improve such a classic. But c’mon, just look at it.

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Salt and pepper chicken pancakes – So salsa Crosby

Yeah, crispy duck and pancakes is pretty unbeatable but how about you get your chops around this salt and pepper chicken alternative from So Salsa in Crosby?

Salt and pepper chicken nuggets – The Mad Bantam

Two of everybody’s favourite things in the world have collided and despite the pressure, it hasn’t disappointed. Get a portion or three from The Mad Bantam when they pop-up at various festivals!

Salt and pepper Munchie box – Various

Did you think munchie boxes just existed in Glasgow and your only chance to get one would be through watching one be assembled on Facebook? Think again. K.C. Chippy on Moss Lane, Golden City in Speke and Blue Diamond on Rocky Lane have created salt and pepper munchie boxes and they literally have everything you could desire.

Salt and pepper siu mai fries – Slim’s Pork Chop Express

A basket of fries topped with salt and pepper siu mai, chillis and Sriracha. This is for the ones that like it hot. Slim’s Pork Chop Express will be back soon at a new Bold Street restaurant!

Salt and pepper siu mai pizza – Santa Maluco

Salt and pepper siu mai, fresh red chilli, spring onion and Sriracha. It’ll be love at first slice.

Salt and pepper tater tots – The Baltic Social

An all-American favourite with a salt and pepper twist.

Salt and pepper poutine – Caribou Poutine

Look away Canadians. It might not be traditional but hell is it tasty.

Salt and pepper tofu bowl – Big bowl noodle Bar

This is one for the veggies. Crispy, melt-in-the-mouth tofu with a shed-load of comforting broth.

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Salt and pepper halloumi fries – Hafla Hafla

Halloumi fries, just on their own, are an incredible treat. Add some salt and pepper into the mix and you’re reaching new levels. Head to Hafla Hafla at Baltic Market for your fries fix.

Salt and pepper chips – Anna Jungs

We could easily spend the remainder of this blog talking about places for boss salt and pepper chips but the best ones are the ones you hold dearest to your heart (or closest to your house) and we can’t get enough of the salt and pepper chips from Anna Jungs, a legendary chippy on Grosvenor Road.

Salt and pepper sausage rolls – The Bread Shop

No, honestly. Forget any dispositions you have, this just works so, so well. We don’t know how but we’ve been taught not to question a good time.

Salt and Pepper Char Siu – Man Wah

Char siu is a popular way to flavour and prepare barbecued pork in Cantonese cuisine. Man Wah, on Smithdown Road, take that barbecued deliciousness and mix it with their salt and pepper goodness. The results are, as expected, wonderful. 

Salt and Pepper Squid/King Prawns – Salt & Pepper House

Liverpool takes its love for salt and pepper so seriously it was the inspiration for a certain takeaway’s namesake. Salt and pepper squid and prawns are just delightful and theirs lives up to the hype.

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Salt and pepper ribs – Maggie Fu

Quite often we’ll be sitting there and then out of nowhere be overwhelmed with gratitude for whoever invented salt and pepper ribs. We love the deep fried salt and pepper ribs from our local chippy but these smokehouse quality ribs from Maggie Fu tossed in salt and pepper is gnaw on the bone delicious.

Salt and pepper fried chicken burger – Portland St 358

Portland Street’s menu isn’t scarce of salt and pepper covered goodness but we love their salt and pepper fried chicken burger. Get a serving of salt and pepper chips on the side if you really think you can handle it.

Salt and pepper thai burger – Pattersons

Say hello to ‘I Would Die Thai For You’ – a Thai marinated chicken breast with salt ‘n’ peppa stir fried onions & peppers, gem lettuce and red thai curry sauce.

Meat Factory – Halloumi Nuggets

You’ve heard of chicken nuggets, get ready for halloumi nuggets. As if that wasn’t enough to process these nugs have the added bonus of being cooked in salt and pepper goodness.

Yard & Coop – A Whole Menu

Not content on just offering incredible fried chicken, Yard & Coop on Hanover St have launched a new salt and pepper menu. Wings, wraps, fries and more. Bury us here.

Salt and pepper chicken – Kevins Fish & Chips

Much like the salt and pepper chips, almost impossible to choose somewhere when so many places are doing so many great version. For us, Wok’s Cooking on Lawrence Road, is great but Kevins Fish & Chips on Park Road edges it.

Salt and pepper butter – Our Paula’s Butter

Yep, you read that correctly. Spreadable salt and pepper is the future. Local butter maker Paula has knocked it out the park with this. One of our favourite things to do is to cook a corn on the cob in it. You can grab some from The Bread Shop on Aigburth Vale.

Salt and pepper chicken wrap – Simple Boss Scran 

Simple Boss Scran is a belter of a new little lunch spot that recently opened in Old Swan. Nearly every day their salt and pepper chicken wrap sells out so be quick.

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