Plans for Valentine’s Day? Oh we’ll just be drinking vodka and singing Adele to our cat.

Valentine’s Day when you’re single can be one of the worst days of the year. All those happy couples with their PDA, hand holding and suffocating selfies. Ew. Fear not singletons, we haven’t forgotten about you and hopefully we can help you have just as good a day with our suggestions. If you’re yet to meet someone who can handle all of your awesome, you’re ironically not alone, so read this blog and go have some fun.

Drink Cocktails

And lots of them. Drink just enough to be merry, not enough to send texts you wish you hadn’t to your ex asking them how their cat is. We recommend Jenny’s, The Jacaranda, 81 LTD, Filter & Fox and Red Door for daiquiris galore.

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Go On A Pub Crawl

The UK’s pub scene has never seen harder times, go show your local boozer some love. We’ve created a beverage compendium of the hops headquarters in Liverpool and a recommended pint in each place. Grab your keys, grab your wallet and lose your inhibitions and hence forth. Read our recommendations on the best pubs for a pint here


Sunday Roast

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, a day of roasting and resting. There is no greater love than the love of Yorkshire puddings so have some extra. Feast with the family or read our article on the best ones in the city and dine out here

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Nothing defeats Valentine’s Day like singing cheesy power ballads half cut with all your friends. MBox is a Japanese karaoke bar on Renshaw Street raising spirits, glasses and the occasional roof. Head down, get some Sake in you and sing your little heart out. Don’t worry about the tagged photos or snapchats until the morning, this is your night.


Eat Loads Of Food Containing Alcohol

We love cooking with wine. Sometimes we even put it in our food. Liverpool loves liquor so much so that it has spilled into food. From whisky cheese to gin cake and pretty much everything in between, combine the two best world’s this Valentine’s Day. Get Laura’s Little Bakery cake at Berry & Rye, Jacaranda Records or Filter + Fox.

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Go The Pictures

A perfect chance to watch a film and you don’t have to share any of the pick-a-mix. Liverpool is quite lucky to have some great places to catch a flick. We love Woolton Cinema, FACT or A Small Cinema. All have some weird and wonderful stuff on at the moment.


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

That’s right. Pretend that tagged photos and snapchat memories don’t exist and shake what your mamma gave ya. The best places to boogy are Aloha, Jenny’s and Popworld if you fancy pop from the decades guaranteed to make your night interesting.


Treat Yourself

If you’re not going to treat yourself, who will? You know that dress in the window you think will look great on you or that video game everyone is talking about in the office? Just get up and go get it. Head to Resurrection, Utility and REX to support local at the same time.


Cook Up A Storm

There’s something quite therapeutic about cooking. Just imagine your ex whilst you’re slicing the carrots and all anger disappears. Grab your meat from a local butchers, spices from Matta’s and drinks from R&H Fine Wines or Whisky Business, invite your friends around and whip up something epic. We recommend a big bowl of scouse.


Turn To Books

Books offer a unique portable magic that allow you to escape from the world, into another world far more interesting than your own. They give us the chance to live and die with a little more wisdom. They have the potential to open our hearts, our minds and leave us with a map of ourselves. Read more on bookshops that’ll have you head over heels here.


Go To A Comedy Show

Is there any better way to spend a night than one full of laughter? We think not. Liverpool Comedy Central is located in the basement under the Blue Bar and Grill, located at the world famous Albert Dock. Head there with good friends and thank us later. More info here


Get Dessert Delivered

Desserts don’t cheat, they don’t say they’ll be back from the pub in an hour and it ends up being three and they don’t like that persons Instagram picture from the office and pretend their thumb slipped. You can get amazing desserts, cakes and shakes delivered to your door until midnight. What are you waiting for? More here.


Go To A Fake Wedding

Yes, this is a thing. Once a month at The Baltic Social there’ll be bouquet throwing, cake cutting, bubbles flowing, buffet fingering, first dances and all the fun of the affair. Basically, a massive wedding party without any of the commitment. More info here

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Take Up Yoga

Namaste. If we told you to spend an afternoon bent over in some pretty unique positions what would you think we were asking? Argh, you, get your mind out the gutter. Yoga is the perfect way to be mindful, rather than have your mind full. There’s plenty of places to reach your inner calm in Liverpool with some pretty picturesque backdrops. We recommend White Wolf Yoga or Your Yoga Studio.


Help The Homeless

Love goes beyond Michael Kors bags, Pandora necklaces and hashtags exclaiming #theboydonegood. Love is giving, sharing and caring. Buy a hot drink for any homeless person you see on the day and ask if they’re OK or contact Whitechapel on how you can help. They’ll appreciate your love and generosity more than anyone.


photo by Mike Brits

Arrange A Nerf War

Talk about a quite literal blast from the past. Reload your love for Nerf guns and load up on Nostalgia by arranging a nerf war. Yes, there are people who do this for a job and yes we’re insanely jealous of them. More info here.


Play Board Games

There are a few places around the city stocking box shaped relics of a much simpler time. We’re talking Cluedo, Connect 4, Monopoly and more. Just make sure there’s someone teetotal at all times as Connect 4 intoxicated can be a nightmare to judge. Head to Arts Club or Baltic Social. 


Anti-Valentine’s Day Speed Dating

The Shipping Forecast presents ‘Uwww I say’- an anti-valentines special which guarantees some seriously speedy dating, as well as booze, banter and potentially some very memorable 5 minute dates. More info here.


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