A pub crawl with an emphasis on the crawl.

Liverpool – a city once famously cited as being full of people who go out on the Monday night and couldn’t care less about the Tuesday morning. Sound familiar? We thought so. The beautiful Georgian Quarter is a legacy of Liverpool’s former wealth. The area Liverpool boasts one of the largest collections of terraced Georgian town houses outside of London. Taking in streets such as Rodney Street, Catherine Street and Falkner Street in the city centre, and Percy Street in Toxteth, it has become a hotspot for television companies filming everything from Hollywood blockbusters to TV dramas against the backdrop of the buildings.


Photo by Simon James

As well as all that, there’s some pretty incredible places for a pint or seven. The kind of boozers where time spins on a different axis and where evenings are lost and our misspent youth was lost. A mix of beautiful architecture with some more modern has made for a pretty amazing pub crawl. Whilst not all of our suggestions are technically pubs, they’re still some pretty exciting places for a drink with good friends. Whilst the statistics about pubs tell a sorry tale, this one pub crawl is a reminder of why to support your local pubs. Round up your friends and prepare to become intoxicated with Liverpool.

The Belvedere

What a way to start the crawl. The Belvedere, a beloved institution in a Georgian house intends to train your palettes and exercise your taste buds in the noble pursuit of a gintastic experience with their “GinNasium”. Currently you can exercise on 18 different workouts and they all go well with tonic. Main exercises include curling a glass of gin and tonic from the table to your mouth. Whilst very well known for their gin offering, they also have an amazing beer offering and is the perfect place to drink the day away.

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Spearheaded by Paddy O’Byrne, the building has been many things but was originally, yes, you guessed it, a pen factory. Whilst the ink has run dry the pints haven’t and that’s why it should be first on the list. The venue is surprisingly big but also intimate, this will be due to the candle-light and roaring fire in the corner illuminating and warming the place in winter months. With a whopping beer selection on offer and a delightful beer garden, catch the post-work buzz here for your first drink.


Peter Kavanagh’s

Located on Back Egerton Street, Peter Kavanagh, the establishment’s namesake and landlord for 53 years, was, in his spare time, a city councillor, an inventor and a still-life painter. His eclectic and eccentric sensibilities have survived, embodied in what must be one of the most intriguing pubs Liverpool has to offer. Just like the interior, the characters are equally as intriguing and no-one is a stranger for longer than 5 minutes. Amongst the decor there’s a row of urns containing the ashes of generations who’d chosen Kavanagh’s as their final resting place, they never forget anyone. Its inhabitants consist of students, professionals and labourers alike who all find solace in a cornerstone of Liverpool’s history and good beer.



Known as The Cali to its regulars, this boozer truly defines “The People’s Pub”. They call Catherine Street home and always have live music on with a huge concentration on Folk, Roots and Jazz to accompany an extensive range of ales. You will find even the most timid of visitors in the corner tapping their feet to the beat, the more confident person banging their hands against the table and the regular who has miraculously simulated a seemingly regular table spoon into an impromptu contribution to the performance.



Unchanged for years, Ye Cracke is a popular pub located on Rice Street, just off Hope Street with tonnes of history. One of the oldest pubs in the city, they will offer you a smile, a nice drink and a promise that you’ll return. If that wasn’t good enough, head outside to the courtyard where you’ll find an array of interesting characters who will keep the conversations and drinks flowing. Once the sun has set, there’s no better place to be with all the new friends you’ll make.

Fly In The Loaf

Most will remember this place as Kirklands back in the day, one of Liverpool’s first ever bars. Very well known for a fantastic selection of beers and warm service. The interior was given a little face lift recently and whilst it may have split opinion, nobody is arguing over whether they’ll keep returning. Despite the change, there’s the same dark wooden furniture, the same carved gothic features and the same never ending bar that runs down one side of the building. A great place for your next drink.

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picture by www.perfectpint.co.uk

The Blackburne

A beautiful bricked building that is the people’s champ. The Blackburne is a community hub, selling an extensive spirit range, beers from around the world and real ales from the Liverpool Organic Brewery as well as two rotating guest beers. Recent examples are the Oracle from the Salopian Brewery, Rev James from SA Brains, and Yankee from Roosters in Yorkshire – all chosen by their customers who always have at least one people’s choice beer on, you ask for it – they’ll source it.

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The Pilgrim

A unique underground (physically, not socially) bar where all walks of life congregate. The kind of place you might call a ‘dive’ but not mean anything negative by it. Our own personal favourite thing about The Pilgrim is the courtyard, it seems to build an atmosphere unique to the Pilgrim only and this outdoor setting makes it a great summer pub. Indeed it is  the summer months when this pub comes into its’ own, if you are after a quiet cosy drink I would say head somewhere else but if you fancy a drink in the sun with your fellow weekend revellers then The Pilgrim will not let you down.

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The Grapes (little)

Located in the shady side streets of historical Georgian Quarter of Liverpool, The Grapes welcomes everyone with a drink, a smile, and a guarantee they’ll come back. The building is full of spirit and not just the ones stocked behind the bar. It is one of the oldest pubs and buildings in Liverpool as it was made in the 1700s but still remains one of the most popular. The pub is full of charm, as you’d expect from a building that has been standing and serving for so many years. It wasn’t intentional but the pub has become popular amongst the Bohemians and is full of artists, musicians and academics who come to right the worlds wrongs over a few tipples. They will succeed your grape expectations and is the perfect place to end the night.

That should have you nice and merry. If there’s room for one more head to the Philharmonic Dining Rooms, they have the best toilets in the city. If not, it’s time for a Botans kebab and a taxi home. We cannot be held responsibly for any hangovers.

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