Amalia has been awarded England’s best pizza at the Italian Awards again. Grazie.

Amalia, located on Campbell Street, is actually named after the owner Miguel’s Grandmother who he always had a special bond with. She’d be very proud to see what a small restaurant hidden in Liverpool has gone on to achieve. The pizza chef for Amalia, Mimmo Tabib, accepted the award at the ceremony on Monday and it was a proud moment for them and all of us. Who doesn’t take pizza serious? But now you can chow down on award winning cheese laden slices.

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Amalia are famous for a Calzone that weighs in the average size of a toddler but denizens head in search of the ‘Americana’. It’s a thin crust pizza with sweet tomato sauce, spicy salami, mozzarella and wait for it, French fries or Italian fries, rather. For some, this is two worlds that shouldn’t collide but for many of us, it is a world that collides far too often, usually in a takeaway at 3am on a Saturday. Despite initial horror to the eyes of the average pizza lover, the stomach will certainly be left satisfied. Veggies, go for the “Funghi E Rucola”, a mushroom, rocket and truffle oil amalgamation destined to leave the taste buds tantalised.

Well done Amalia! All you lucky Independent Liverpool cardholders can get a whopping 20% off the food bill all week so if you don’t believe us, go taste how good it is.