Is this where we insert a “ya bard” joke?

Williamson Square was initially laid out as a residential square in the 1745 by Mr Williamson. It originally only had buildings on the lower part and the other three parts weren’t covered. The Liverpool Playhouse stands on the east side of the square, and the other sides are occupied by shops.

Formerly the north side was occupied by the Theatre Royal, but this was demolished in 1965. The square also contains a fountain consisting of 20 jets of water that rise to a height of up to four metres. In the square you can also find Middle Eastern street food from Bakchich and an amazing Italian Deli called Paolo & Donato. It’s a melting pot of European culture with some great boozers in the middle; including The Shakespeare.

The Shakespeare, Williamson Square, is one of Liverpool’s renowned pubs and eateries’s, which has stood the test of time. The venue, which almost collapsed several years ago, is now under new ownership. With its recent refurbishment and introduction of new food menu the place looks amazing. With newly fitted blue booth seating and interior, as well as authentic exposed brick work.

The manager Adam says: “The makeover of the venue has given the place a new lease of life, made us more modern to attract a wider clientele. It is exciting that such a well-known Liverpool pub can stand the test of time for many different generations to enjoy.”

Although under new management some staff have been working in the venue for over 10 years, getting to know familiar faces as well as the new clientele .The venue certainly has history and a great story behind it. With food being served 7 days a week, the menu features a wide array of pub style food including chicken pot pie, scouse, falafel burgers, mixed grills and more. All the bistro classics executed well.