The Kazimier is a casualty in Liverpool’s music scene that is still painful to discuss.

The Kaz remind us that DIY music venues are about non conformity. It was fuelled by passion, inspired by culture and art, and stood for good times. For those things alone, that’s why so many fought. But, the battle was lost and whilst that is incredibly sad and it is understandable we all mourn, we must remember that there isn’t a vehicle in this world that can bulldoze the spirit of The Kaz. The Kazimierz Gardens is very much open for business and needs you.


One step into the gardens and it feels as if you’ve stumbled upon some sort of secret paradise. The unavowed space is a refurbished car park and you could quite easily blink and miss it. That, in a sense, what makes it so special. The Gardens is a special kind of place and offers something for everyone. The natural light during the summer brings this place alive but it is underestimated during the winter months. The whole space is covered in colourful fairy lights and the darker it gets, the more romantic the scene. They’re well known for the beer selection but what you might not know is that they have an incredible wine selection, hand picked from local wine merchant R&H Fine Wines. Grab a bottle of red and take it up to the fire in the balcony and toast to The Kaz.


The Kazimier is one of the most popular independents in Liverpool for its community of like minded people interested in the arts and has developed a cult following over the years. Sadly, when hundreds flocked to say their goodbye’s on new year’s eve, many thought the gardens went with it. It didn’t. In fact, they’ve just signed a new 15 year lease to secure their future in the heart of Liverpool. As well as that, they’ve just opened a new part of the garden called “Cosmic Lodge”. It looks like a piece of set out of Game Of Thrones and is beautifully crafted. The Gardens are open Wednesday-Sunday during March and they’ll be open most days during the summer with some amazing vintage fairs, mardi gras style parties and more. It’s the perfect place for a pub session, a date and to remind you of the independent sparkle in Liverpool’s eye.



32 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE