Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

No, we’re not pulling your cracker – this is really about to happen. We’re very aware it’s November so we apologise for the use of the ‘C’ word but Ghetto Golf have just released tickets for their Home Alone themed bar that has swept the nation. Inside Cains Brewery Village you’ll find vintage warehouses, food markets, crazy golf and more. But it’s about to get A LOT better. Say hello to the Home Alone Christmas Bar – the dream you never even realised that is about to come true on the 5th of December.

Expect a sequence of Christmas living rooms, a festival cocktail menu, Sinatra remixes, Christmas bands, gigantic Christmas trees and every Christmas decoration possible.There’ll be a 7 piece band and a DJ playing alongside each other. Considering it’s the same guys behind the whacky and wonderful Ghetto Golf, expect a few twists. It plans to be truly majestic and will be the place to visit this Christmas. We might have a mulled wine to celebrate now actually.

The guys are creating a musical set featuring all your favourite Christmas songs combined with some upbeat versions of classics to keep everyone dancing. The musical extravaganza lasts two hours and everyone is welcome to stay afterwards as the bar will then be open to the non-ticket holders. They’ve recreated the McAllister’s house and have gone completely overboard with decorations and nostalgia. You’ll find a gigantic Christmas tree in the centre of the room and many recognisable memories from the film.

Click here for more details and to grab your tickets.