A long time ago, in a galaxy not that far away…

40 years ago, on May 25th 1977, an independent space opera movie called Star Wars premiered in just 32 movie theatres across the USA. Little did the world realise at the time, how important and influential this single film would be to the future of moviemaking, merchandising and life itself.

In July 2018, a gathering of fans, actors and crew from all 3 eras of Star Wars, will come together to share their passion for the greatest movie franchise of all time. Meet Chewie’s stunt double and Yoda’s Puppeteer. The event will feature guest signings & photo shoots, live Q&A panels, costume groups and garrisons, cosplay parades and competitions, gaming, props, Jedi Lightsaber training and a huge traders area.

Guests include:

Garrick Hagon – Biggs Darklighter

Dave Barclay – Yoda and Jabba The Hutt Sculpture / Puppeteer

Arie Dekker – Chewbacca’s Stunt Double (Born on The Wirral)

Richard Oldfield – Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian
Toby Philpott – Jabba The Hutt

Alan Harris – Bossk
Gloria Garcia – Jakku Defender

Nick Maley – Create Effects

SW Gathering will be a meeting ground for like-minded people from across the galaxy. This is a non profit event, all proceeds go to the Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool

Tickets are on sale now! To book visit:


Or Call Exhibition Centre Liverpool Box Office on 0344 809 4620

Ticket Prices:

Adult £16.50

Child Ages 4-15 £9.90

Infant Ages 0-3 Free

Family – Option 1 2 Adult / 2 Child £49.50
Family – Option 2 2 Adult / 3 Child £58.30
Family – Option 3 2 Adult / 4 Child £67.10
Family – Option 4 2 Adult / 5 Child £75.90