Why drink a bar dry when you can drink in a dry bar?

The Brink is set to transform into a retro rockabilly dance hall for a special Spring Dance. Located on Parr Street, Liverpool’s only and the UK’s first dry-bar is set to host the 50s and 60s themed event on Friday, May 13. Featuring performances from renowned local musicians, best dressed competitions and even a delicious buffet, the nostalgically inspired evening is set to welcome both members of the recovery community and the general public alike.

Set up by Action on Addiction, The Brink to many is known as a retreat for the recovering. This has built a strong podium for recovering addicts to immerse themselves back into mainstream society which shatters any predisposed thoughts customers might have of such a predicament after visiting. A non-alcoholic bar, with 73% of their employees in recovery themselves, The Brink is certainly extraordinary and at the forefront of modern philanthropy.


General Manager of The Brink Carl Bell said: “Calling all jivers! We are thrilled to be hosting our biggest event of the year in the form of our 50s and 60s themed Spring Dance. Here at The Brink, we think it’s so important to champion venues such as ours in which fun and socialising certainly don’t have to be alcohol-centric – we want to provide a great place for everybody to enjoy.

“For those who’ll have their dancing shoes firmly on, we will be joined by acclaimed local musicians such as Mike Badger and The Shady Trio, who will ensure the dance floor is packed with their rhythmic selection of vintage classics. Later in the night, The Art and Soul Band will take to the stage to perform a variety of 60s hits, guaranteed to get the evening in full swing before DJ Alan Cook takes to the stage to perform a selection of old school melodies.”

Aside from innovative offerings such as the Spring Dance, The Brink also plays host to regular happenings including charity events, live music and poetry nights. In line with its ethos to motivate and inspire, the venue also often welcomes inspirational speakers in a bid to inspire and uplift guests.

The Brink’s Spring Dance will take place on Friday, May 13 from 7pm until midnight. Entry is free.