A new fun way to find out what’s ‘appening.

On August 1st 2013 our baby was born. It came out plastic though, which was a surprise to both of us. Since then, we’ve been trying to find ways to make the concept of supporting local a bit more modern, fun and easier. We love the tangible card that you can touch, feel and see but we knew we needed to create something that coincided with the card and made using independents convenient. Introducing: the app – your card’s new best friend. It’s worth noting we’ve scrapped our old app as we didn’t think it was good enough but the new app is the start of something epic.

As of today, we are happy to announce that you can download our completely free app on both Android and Apple. The idea behind the app is to have your deals at your fingertips. There is a full digital list of independents on the list section. When you open the app it’ll show you the 10 or so closest independents near to you and then you can go on to find offers by days of the week, category and area. We know there are quite a lot of places on the card and it can be quite hard deciding where to go so we hope the near me function will decide for you. It will also hopefully remind you that whilst independents might not be at the corner of your eye, they still definitely deserve a place in your heart.

Get on your phone now and download the app and take it with you on your travels. Simply type ‘Independent Liverpool’ into your app store and you should find it. Apple download here and Android hereRemember, your deals or independents are never too far away.