Dining out no longer means missing out.

In many people’s minds, veganism is an underground cult that meet on a monthly basis on chairs constructed solely of lentils to eat mushrooms in fair-trade Che Guevara t-shirts. This is simply not the case, lentil chairs aren’t comfy at all. Being a vegan in a big city can feel a bit lonely. It can feel like the world is one big inside joke about how good bacon is and the extent a restaurant will go to for your lifestyle choice is mushrooms on toast. The vegan movement is growing and with it, attitudes and menus are changing.

Two months ago Baltic Market, Liverpool’s first street food market opened in Cains Brewery. There are8 pop-up street food traders that change every couple weeks and there’s a real great vegan and veggie scene with some real interesting dishes.

Hafla Hafla – Falafel Wrap

Crispy falafel, tahini, pickles and spicy peppers collide on a warm flatbread and the results are delicious. Both vegan and veggie friendly – Hafla Hafla do a weekly falafel special that changes weekly meaning there’s always another reason to return.

The Midnight Delivery – Vegan Brownie

It’s well documented there’s a separate organ just for desserts and after one taste of this brownie, you’ll be very thankful for it. Incredibly moist and rich – this brownie isn’t just for vegans.

Hafla Hafla – Hafla Fries

Sweet potato fries? Good. Tahini? Good. Pine nuts? Good. Add a spoonful of spicy and herby Isreali sauce on top and you’ve got yourself one moan-out-loud-worthy plate of fries.

Timmy Tikka – Okra Fries

A sure fire way to make any vegetable taste good is to deep fry it in batter. Okra is an undervalued veg that is perfect with some raita and spicy tamarind sauce drizzled all over it.

Little Furnace – Create Your Own

The lovely lads at Little Furnace are so kind they’ll even let you create your own pizza. They source the best ingredients from around the UK and have some fantastic options. For us, we love the marinara. The simple things in life are the best and that sauce is so good we’d bathe in it.

Down The Hatch – Seitan Strips And Chips

Looks like regular chicken and chips, eh? You couldn’t be more wrong. Seitan, known as “wheat meat” has actually been around since the 8th century but Down The Hatch have brought it to the 21st. Vegan junk food has never tasted so good. Happiness is strips, chips and dips.

The Midnight Delivery – Berry Bubble Waffle

We’re not saying fresh fruit isn’t good, we’re just saying fresh fruit encased in a bubble waffle with chocolate sauce is better. Sorry vegans, you can’t join in with this fun but there’s plenty more.

Pao – Tofu Bao

We’re still puzzled how Pao! make tofu taste like this. The soft pillowy bao with pickled shiitake mushrooms and black pepper ketchup take it to a next level.

Timmy Tikka – Spicy Spinach Kati Roll

The vibrancy of India in an authentic kati roll. Sweet, spicy and all things nice – you wont believe vegetables can taste this good.

Little Furnace – Margarita

A delicious classic enjoyed universally but there’s something quite special about this one getting served up in Liverpool. In just a few minutes, before your very eyes, this whole pizza will be made from scratch. Doesn’t get better than that. Vegans, ask for it without cheese!

Pao – Superfood Salad

If only Pao! was around when we were kids to help us eat the vegetables our mothers struggled to make us eat. They have regular specials, this weeks one was a superfood salad with a special kimchi.

Down The Hatch – Deep Fried Cauliflower

It’s impressive the things Down The Hatch can do with a cauliflower. They’re doing mini baskets of them covered in all sorts of deliciousness – from cheese sauce to chipotle and honey and more.


Timmy Tikka – Lentil Dhal Rice Bowl

In Indian culture, meat isn’t massive and one bite of this rice bowl proves exactly why. Spicy melt-in-the-mouth lentils mixed with rice – you can’t go wrong.

Baltic Market is based in Cains Brewery and the opening hours are: Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 12pm-12am, Saturday 11am-12pm and Sunday 11am-12pm. For more information visit the website here.