CHRISTMAS! It’s all about the excess, right?

Well, let’s get excessive then – how does Bottomless Christmas dinner with Bottomless booze sound? On 22nd December two hours of pure excessive festive joy will ensue. Starter boards loaded with all your favourite festive starters, we’re talking prawn cocktail, salmon, pate, soup… followed by a Christmas dinner that we’ll keep on bringing out until you’re on the very last notch of your belt holes.

The worst thing about Christmas is when the food ends and the booze runs dry but thanks to Baltic Social, this will never happen. Oh, did we even get on to the booze yet? To top this wonderful day off you can get unlimited Prosecco or pints of lager alongside your meal because let’s face it, Christmas is as much about booze as presents. Bring yer mum, your bezzie, your family, the friends that you actually wish were your family. Hell, bring Sue from accounts if that is what floats your boat.

Two sittings: 1pm-3pm and 3.30pm – 5.30pm. Booking essential with a £5 deposit to pay on booking. Call them on 0151 707 1137. Tickets are £30