Prepare to be scared.

What horrors lie behind the closed doors of the old asylum? There were rumours for years about the people and the strange activities that took place here; but everyone thought they’d been laid to rest. Until now. Even non-believers can agree that The Asylum in Newsham Park is a scary place. Built in the Victorian era, the spooky building was a medical hospital and mental asylum for decades before eventually closing in 1997.

For Halloween, The Asylum will turn into an infected zombie land. The story goes like this: abandoned soon after the outbreak, intel suggests that a cure may also be on site. All communication has been lost on the site and survivors are needed to to continue the mission. Enter the hospital and locate all vital information that can lead to a cure. Instinct for survival will be tested as you encounter free roaming zombies with missions and objectives set to test the nerve and endurance of all survivors. With limited resources available, successfully make decisions as a team and complete the set missions in whichever way you see fit before the other team does. The winning team is extracted for survival and the others left to rot.

Grab your tickets here. Let’s hope this Halloween event goes better than our one last year (shouldn’t be hard).