A hand drawn, illustrated map of Liverpool’s haunted heritage and Folklore tales; drawn by internationally celebrated artist and master map maker, Stephen Walter and co- created with the Shiverpool Team. The work spans, events from Liverpool’s medieval past up to present day.

Folks who buy the map are invited to unlock the secrets of the City and perhaps use it as a spring-board to discover more…Did you know about the Bone Basher of Nelson Street? The Father of orthopaedic surgery… It was said to those with beautiful bones run for your life! Or, have you heard about the conniving Black Widows of Skirving St? Who had a penchant for plotting poison and pound notes!

Or maybe a slice of the devil himself might take your fancy with the famous fable of our Will Mckenzie…Whatever your poison? Whether it’s history, haunted heritage or the artwork itself, there’s something here for everybody. A fabulous memento for lovers of Liverpool, a wicked pressie at Christmas or birthday mistreats or a great excuse to delve deeper into Liverpool’s exciting past.

We caught up with Shiverpool:

“We knew Stephen’s work through his stunning Liverpool Map that still hangs in Bluecoat Chamber. Stephen Walter’s incredible body of work speaks for itself.

We were blown away by the detail, research and precision of Stephen’s works and so in a leap of faith, we wrote to him in 2017 and we organised a chat over the phone; we held a long discussion which ended up with an agreement to meet the artist at his London Studio to discuss the project.

Stephen’s connection with Liverpool following his incredible map of the city, created in 2008 was strong and following discussions about what we hoped to achieve and how the process would work between us, we were delighted that he accepted the challenge of bringing our vision for the Shiverpool map to life! 

The hidden streets, medieval gardens, secret underground spaces and stunning architecture of our City have been our playground of inspiration for so many years and we hope that the Map will be loved by visitors and locals alike, by all ages and shoe sizes too.

We chatted to a teacher of one of our regular school groups in the devising stage and she explained to us that the map could be a wonderful spring – board for her students in their creative writing lessons. Perhaps using the names, places and contexts to create their own stories  – a great way to encourage students to explore the city!

We’re very proud of the finished piece – hope it will stand the test of time and become a must have collectors item for lovers of the City of Liverpool.”

If you would like a copy of the Shiverpool Ghost map – please visit www.shiverpool.co.uk/book-now or contact 0151-709-2030.