An Easter Egg and a cheesecake had a baby and the results are pretty stunning. 

Treaty Pie are personally responsible for ruining the earnest intentions of dieting for many people in Liverpool. Their incredible cheesecakes, waffles and more delivered to your door. You don’t even have to leave the couch, what a time to be alive. Not so long ago they delved into the world of sinful and soaked in alcohol, much to the happiness of many where they started offering alcoholic milkshakes with ice cream and alcoholic pick ‘n’ mix. This time though, we think you’ll agree, they’ve truly outdone themselves with a chocolate Easter egg filled with cheesecake.

Look at it. Go on, just look at it. Don’t be afraid to drool. Licking your phone screen might be a bit much like but deep down, we don’t blame you. There’s a whole host of flavours but we’re loving the look of Cadbury’s Caramel Cheesecake Egg (pictured above). It comes dripping in golden caramel and is finished off with golden eggs (and sparkle, of course). Nutella fans, you might want go for the Kinder Nutella Cheesecake Egg. So much Nutella, topped with a Kinder Hippo King. Blimey.

Treaty Pie started in September 2015 with the idea of delivering late night freshly made desserts across the city. They wanted everything to be tailor made to exactly what their customers want so they have their ‘Create your Own’ range. This is incredibly dangerous as quite often we just end up ordering something Elvis would have been proud of. They offer collection and delivery from their shop in Old Swan. If you want to order some sinful delights to your door, click here to find out more.