There is nothing grilled cheese can’t fix.

The humble grilled cheese, there’s nothing quite like it. However you have it, whatever you call it, be it toastie, rarebit, grilled cheese or Jaffle, for our Aussie counterparts, it’s a marriage made in heaven. When cheese is melted between some seriously good bread, words escape us. So thank the heavens above that there are a handful of Liverpool’s finest establishments that are feeding our cheddar filled cravings.

With so many variations out there it’s hard to keep up, but believe us when we say we’ve tried a lot. Give these a go and make an informed decision on what’s the best combination, if anyone questions you just say it’s for research purposes.

The Wild Loaf – Grilled Cheese

The ladies at Wild Loaf have been making a serious name for themselves in Liverpool, their bread is made with love and devotion and is served in some of the best cafes and restaurants in town. They’ve recently set up shop in a larger and more permanent space in the yard of Buyers Club on Hardman Street. Their Grilled Cheeses are the stuff dreams are made of. Crisp on the outside, gooey and melting on the inside. Need we go on?

Address: Wild Loaf Bakery, 24 Hardman Street, L1 9AX

Filter & Fox – Grilled Cheese

Filter & Fox are purveyors in all things cocktail, coffee and cheese. For a modest little space on Duke Street, they’re doing big things and their grilled cheese has become famous to many. It’s a guaranteed hangover cure, comes with some brilliant scorch marks on and loads of crispy cheese crowns at the side. Which we all know is the best.

Address: 27 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AP

Cheese & Co

Let’s be honest, cheese makes us smile, that’s exactly the reason why we say it before getting our picture taken. Liverpool’s cheese scene is at an all time high and now a deli dedicated to the wonderful stuff has opened on the glorious Castle Street, an area making a huge name for itself. As well as cheese boards, cheese to take away and all other sorts of wonderful things, they make a pretty mean grilled cheese.

Address:  1 Derby Square, L2 9XL

Coffee & Fandisha – Jerk Toasted Sarnie

So we love the unconventional, and this Jerk Chicken Cheese Toastie from Coffee and Fandisha is exactly what we’re talking about. Spicy Jerk Chicken smothered in melting Cheddar with house ketchup and fried Plantain. A little bit of Jamaican sunshine in the Baltic Triangle.

Address: Coffee & Fandisha, 5 Brick Street L1 0BL

The Grilled Cheese Shack – Bacon And Cheese

Honestly, in our lifetime, we’ve never seen anything more beautiful than this photo below. In one photo every single intention of going on a diet goes out the window and we surrender ourselves to the power of cheese. The Grilled Cheese Shack doesn’t have a home as such but they specialise in catering events. Artisan bread, a selection of cheeses and a hot griddle pan – the possibilities are endless.

Mowgli – Himalayan Cheese Toast

The Godmother of Indian cooking, Nisha Katona, knows her Garam Masala from her Dahl. So we trusted her with this thoroughly Indian version of Cheese on Toast. Inspired by home cooking and Indian lunch boxes, the menu screams nostalgia and comfort food and who could argue that Cheese on Toast isn’t one of the ultimate comfort foods. Mowgli’s take on it consists of Coriander, Chilli, Indian Pickle and a nice strong Cheddar. It’s sure to get your taste buds going.

Address: Mowgli Bold Street- 69 Bold Street L1 4EZ, Mowgli Water Street- Water Street L2 0RD

Bold Street Coffee – Various Grilled Sandwiches

Bold Street paved the way for specialty coffee in our dear city, and it’s a daily battle they gladly take on to save you from inferior flat whites. They also deliver a cracking menu made with locally sourced ingredients. A constantly changing array of specials has featured many an epic grilled cheese in the past. They’ve ranged from Haggis Grilled Cheese with Whiskey Cheddar for Burns Night to mac and cheese toasties. Life affirming doesn’t even cover it.

Address: 89 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HF

Bluecoat Upstairs Bistro – Scouse Rarebit

Though not technically a sandwich we couldn’t leave this one off. A combination of melted cheese and alcohol? It’s a no brainer really. What makes this gooey offering even more special, though, is that it’s made from locally brewed Liverpool organic ale. The Upstairs Bistro of the Bluecoat is a hidden gem frequented by those in the know, you could be one of those people.

Address: Bluecoat, School Lane L1 3BX

The Pulled Swine – Grilled Cheese

The mobile kitchen on wheels specialises in pulled pork but when they’re not doing that, they also knock out a very good grilled cheese. It’s buttery, crisp, soft, gooey and more. A textural and flavoursome dream. Add some of their pulled pork in the sandwich and you’ll have our utmost respect forever.

Address: Various

Finca – Cubano

Street food legends and specialists in Cuban delights have just found a new home in Constellations’ award winning garden and it’s a winning combo. Speaking of winning combos, their Cuban take on a grilled cheese called “cubano” is stacked with mojo pork shoulder, glazed gammon, pickle, gouda cheese and mustard. Oh, its gouda and finca-lickin’ good.

Address: 37-39 Greenland St, Liverpool L1 0BS

Cow & Co Cafe – Sundried Tomato, Pesto & Rocket Grilled Cheese

Cow & Co is a glorious microcosm of a café, where as soon as you enter through the doors you leave any worries behind you. This little slice of heaven is found only a stone’s throw away from the city centre serving up a glorious serving of tranquility, peace and style. Better known for it’s coffee, don’t you dare sleep on their sandwiches as they’re up there with the best. It’s also dog-friendly, so the pooch can drool whilst you tuck in.

Address:  15 Cleveland Square, L1 5BE

Coopers – Welsh Rarebit With Bacon and Eggs

Some would argue this doesn’t belong in this list and we agree, it belongs in your mouth. It might not look like your typical grilled cheese but there’s doorstopper Texan style toast, thick back bacon, a gooey and rich cheese sauce and a poached egg on top. Be warned, taking a bite will result in uncontrollable moaning out-loud and possible foodgasm.

Address: 362 Aigburth Rd, Liverpool L17 6AE

Slim’s Chop Express – Grilled Cheese

The guys at Slim’s Chop Express, the Mecca of grilled and smoked meats, have hit the nail onthe head here. Like they always do. Taking a bite of this is definitely how we want to be spending our weekends, forevermore.

Address: Slim’s Pork Chop Express, 88 Seel Street L1 4BB

Rococo – Grilled Cheese

First you have to find it nestled amongst an array of shops, second you have to climb the Everest-like stairs and then third you have to order the toastie. At the top you’ll be greeted with wonderful surroundings, great staff and even better coffee. Rococo gets its name and inspiration from the 18th century artistic style Rococo movement. This movement placed more emphasis on the elegant and ornate, something which is evident in this coffee house with its intricate gold mirrors and chandeliers on show.

Address: 61 Lord St, Liverpool L2 6PB

The Egg

Hidden from the buzzing quarter that is Bold Street, on a road simply marked “Newington”, a maroon doorway in the Georgian style protrudes onto the pavement, next to which is a hand-painted sign boasting homemade vegetarian and vegan meals. These are the only indicators of a life-changing experience. Climb the meandering stair case, order a tomato soup with a cheese toastie and bask in your awesomeness.

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