What was once a side dish has recently become the main event.

Fries, chips, whatever you call them, we all eat them. Very recently they have entered the world of gourmet alongside a whole host of once everyday and ordinary things. Ten years ago the fanciest your fries got was a fried egg on top and a splodge of HP to the side. Nowadays, everything but the kitchen sink is travelling on top and they’re becoming a main dish in their own right. We’ve scoured the Liverpool food scene in search of the best chips in Liverpool, from elaborate to basic, gourmet to traditional, here are the best places to get your fries fix.

Slim’s Pork Chop Express – Coach Bombay Fries

Confit duck, fried duck egg, duck gravy and monterey jack cheese. So duckin’ good and even more delicious than it looks. Confit covered fries? What a time to be alive. 


Grove Beer Tap and Grill – Pizza Fries

Pizza fries are one of those things that should have existed way before its time. Take marinara sauce, slices of pepperoni, fresh mozzarella and green peppers but instead of putting them on a pizza base, put them on chips and you’ve got yourself one hell of a basket.

pizza chipzzz

Meat Factory – Duck Fries

Everything that would be inside your duck and pancakes but on top of chips. You literally can’t go wrong with that. Meat Factory have become famous for them and for very good reason too. 


Almost Famous – Bacon Bacon Fries

Sweet potato and potato fries, baconaise and bacon rain. So delicious and you can have so much fun imagining how good it would be if it rained bacon.


Portland St 358 – Pulled Pork Pizza Fries

Shredded pulled pork shoulder, honey bbq sauce, mixed beans, rock salt and pepper fries with mounds of grated mozzarella. There are no greater worlds to combine than pulled pork and honey bbq.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 21.21.38

Neon Jamon – Egg and Straw Fries

Scousers aren’t shy to the sight of egg and chips but this is a slightly better version. Like egg and chips but with self esteem. Paprika covered eggs with straw fries; simple, delicious and so comforting.

eggs and staw

Lucha Libre – Piggy Piggy Dirty Fries

Exactly what it says on the tin; dirty (but in a really good kinda way). Sweet potato and spicy fries covered in pork pibil, crackling, bacon bits and chipotle mayo. Spicy, salty, sweet and crunchy. A texture and flavour match made in heaven.


Maray – Marais Fries

The people’s champ. Hummus coated fries with spring onion, fresh red chilli and their secret homemade green chilli sauce. Despite countless attempts at blackmail they’re still yet to give us the recipe.


Meet Frank – Big Smokey Fries

A mix of sweet potato and seasoned fries topped with back bacon, mixed peppers, diced dill pickles, crispy onions and garlic and chilli sauce. We rest our case.


Rookwood – Beef Dripping Fries

Look like normal fries, huh? You’re so wrong. They catch the beef drippings off the steak and burgers they cook and fry the chips in it. It is the definition of naughty.


Hafla Hafla – Sweet Potato Fries

Liverpool’s street food scene is slowly evolving and this plate of fries by Hafla Hafla is the perfect example. Sweet potato fries, red onion, tahini sauce and pine nuts. Catch them at Constellations or Camp and Furnace most weekends.


Nolita Cantina – Seasoned Fries

A mix of perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked sweet potato and normal fries in a secret seasoning. Nothing else is missed or needed. Make sure you get the Dr Pepper bbq sauce to dip though, that stuff is heavenly.


Lobster Pot – Chips

Not everything has to be saturated in sauce or pulled pork to be delicious. For the traditionalists, Lobster Pot do an old favourite awesome justice and all you need is salt and vinegar.


Yardbird – Coconut Curry Fries

Out of all the bunch, these are the most unusual. The notes of sweet, spicy and sticky make for a perfect symphony and a unique basket of fries if there ever was one.


Free State Kitchen – Chilli Cheese Fries

You know it’s going to be good when you can’t actually see the fries. Free State Kitchen do an incredible bowl of chilli and to enjoy it to its fullest it must be resting on top of a bed of chips.


The Merchant – Session Fries

Any portion of fries that comes on a tray that big instantly meets our approval. We can’t even begin to describe how good that sauce is drizzled on top. These fries are not for the faint hearted.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 18.39.45

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