Father’s Day; because your Dad is sound and you don’t tell him enough.

Now we know Father’s Day is a bit of a hallmark holiday and it shouldn’t take a day on the calendar to show your love and appreciation but that still doesn’t mean you can’t treat the old man. Give him something to do to distract him from adding batteries with minuscule life into his man drawer, only to be rubbed for a couple minutes and put into the back of remotes. It works you know. Here’s a few things you can do, experience or buy for the Father figure in your life on Sunday 21st June. Give him the gift of local, the best gift of all.

Go To A Craft Beer Expo

How convenient that the Craft Beer Expo just so happens to fall on the Sunday. Destiny in its most delicious and golden form. There’s over 200 beers to “sample” at Constellations, Liverpool’s most unique beer garden and there’s still a few Sunday session tickets left. Grab them here and show your Dad a good time through the brilliance of beer. And that you can drink him under the table. 


Make Your Own Whisky

In partnership with Chivas Regal UK, Red Door are hosting a superb whisky event that’ll intrigue the newbie and satisfy the connoisseurs. You’ll begin the day at 3pm on the 27th June with a cocktail and canapés before learning the art of whisky appreciation followed by a lesson in blending your own whisky. Just don’t blame us if your Dad comes home a bit worse for wear like an out of work Don Draper and starts buying whisky making equipment off the internet at 2am. Email liverpoolbdm@reddoor.uk.com for tickets, they’re £35 a piece.


Give Him A Card

Cards are less prevalent in society than ever before but never underestimate the feeling a good card can give someone. If you fancy something a bit local, unique and humorous we recommend Cards4Scousers, Laura-Kate illustrations or Rheannon Ormond. They’re all really talented and local people who are definitely worthy of your support.


Take Him For A Pint

Sometimes the most simple of gestures end up meaning the most. A pint falls quite beautifully into that category. A way to get away from the outside world, where careers, responsibilities and mortgages don’t exist. A time to lose track of time and go from politics to favourite sandwiches, all in one night. Baltic Fleet, Ship & Mitre, Grove Beer Tap & Grill and The Caledonia are all good places so start. Here’s our blog on “some of the best places for a pint in Liverpool.”


Get Him Something Unusual from Utility

Well known out the ordinary nook and crannies, Utility is almost the perfect place to get your Dad something from start to finish. We’ve scoured their extensive offering and narrowed it down to a few things. A ‘don’t touch my tools or die tin’ (Dad’s love tools), a collapsible beer glass (Dad’s love beer) and the cozy remote control tidy (Dad’s love being in control of remotes). Check their website out for more or head to their Bold Street stores.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 00.07.23

Improve His Morning

We all know coffee is up there with one of the world’s best inventions. The inertia of daily life without it is beyond comprehension. We’d all be in a listless slump trudging under grey skies like a Lowry painting. 92 Degrees Coffee is one of Liverpool’s only coffee shop with a roaster on site and roasting fresh beans is all part of the daily grind. They do bags to take away so go grab one. Address: 24 Hardman Street, L1 9AX.


Fill His Cupboard

Some people think love makes the world go round but whisky makes it go twice as fast. Grab your Dad a bottle of the fine stuff that will put hairs on his hairs at Whisky Business. Located on the Old Ropery, the street is a cobbled Diagon Alley of wizardry in whisky form. They’ve got a single malt Swedish dram called Mackmyra and an Irish one called Teelings that are both £5 for this month only. Who said drinking whisky had to break the bank? More info here. Address: The Old Ropery, Fenwick St, L2 7NT.


Drink Free Beer

What is better than beer? Free beer, of course. Puschka is up there with one of the best venues in the city to sit down and eat. And it just got a whole lot better. On Father’s Day they’re giving Dad’s free beer all night, just for being a Dad. On another note, if there are any old-ish men out there who want to pass us off as their sons for a 50/50 split on the beer, we’re free. Booking is essential, more info here


Red or White?

Liverpool only has a few fine wine merchants in the city and there’s one off Dale Street on Queens Avenue definitely worth a visit. R & H Fine Wines, ran by Devin, is a beautiful and unassuming space stocked with wines with interesting stories. Devin will be very happy to tell you the origins, grapes, taste and story of any wine in the shop and will find you something perfect for your Dad to enjoy. The bad thing about a glass of wine is that it is always better full. More info here. Address: 12 Queens Sq, L2 RTZ.


Eat Cheese

What? You can’t have wine without cheese. For cheese, make the effort to get down to the Liverpool Cheese Company, one of Liverpool’s only cheese mongers and dedicated cheese shop. They have cheese from all over the world that is a delight to the taste buds and the couple that run it are the loveliest on the planet. They even do cheese wedding cakes that would make any bachelor want to settle down. Check them out, in their wonderful cheesy glory. Address: 29A Woolton St, L25 5HN.


Give Him A Free Hamper

Bretta & Co, just off Bold Street, are giving Dad’s a free hamper when they dine with them on Father’s Day. How kind of them! There’s a few to choose from but we like the look of the cider version. Inside you’ll find two bottles of Cornish Orchard Cider, Slabs Crisps and Willies Cacao. The fun doesn’t have to stop when Father’s Day is over. There’s lots of hampers available to buy from their incredible deli. More info here.

Cider Hamper

Buy Him The Skyline

Every Liverpudlian Dad loves the city. It is just part of their DNA, like their inability to stop themselves from telling awful jokes and refusing to ask for directions. The Liverpool Gift Company have recreated Liverpool’s iconic waterfront in meticulous fashion. It is constructed from highly polished stainless steel, the ‘small’ skyline is lit from the rear with an ingenious magnetic colour-changing LED light panel. It is remarkable, get one here.

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Beers On The Couch

It is all well and good having grand plans for the day but sometimes all you want in the world is a nice cold beer with your feet up. Ship In A Bottle, the beer connoisseurs with over 400 beers to try, do special beer packages that are perfect for this occasion. American Pizza Slice is just over the road too so it’d be rude not to grab a slice. Address: 45A Whitechapel, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 6DT.


Have A Sunday Roast

Sundays are all about roasting, not resting. Liverpool isn’t short of places for a good Sunday roast, check our list here, but Slim’s Pork Chop Express are giving free beer with theirs. Choose between beef that melts in the mouth or chicken cooked with a beer up its rear to keep it as moist as possible. It comes on a huge tray with all your roasted veg and a mountain of Yorkshire puddings to dig through. Please make time for a nap straight after it as you’ll be in some form of roast-induced coma.


Go For A Picnic

Yes, picnics exist outside of The Great Gatsby. The Moon and Pea Deli on Lark Lane do all the hard work for you. They have created everything you’d want for a picnic in the park inside a beautiful wicker basket with fresh produce and just so happen to be a stone’s throw away from Sefton Park. Expect bubbly, fresh scones and lots more. Fun for the family or give the parents some alone time. Not that kind of alone time, they’re in a park for God’s sake. Actually, you never know. Address: 95 Lark Lane, L17 8UU.


Have A Family Paella

Traditionally, men only get involved with kitchen activities when it involves barbecues or cutting meat but times are changing. We may not allow anybody else to be in the kitchen when we cook as we it requires all our concentration but we can cook up a storm. A good way to spend time around the dinner table with the family is when paella is the centrepiece. Lunya have done the hard work, check out their paella hamper kits here.


A Ray Of Charles

Russell Christian, original member of multi-platinum, number one selling soul band brings you the ultimate tribute act on Berry Street on 21st June at Rack & Dollar. His soul soaked voice which resonates through the ages will give you a ray of Charles and will entertain you and your Dad all night. It is two courses for just £19.50 with a free champagne cocktail or bourbon on the rocks. A night not to be missed. More info here.


If you fancy spoiling him further grab him an Independent Liverpool Membership Card. Just £15 for a year of discounts at close to 100 of Liverpool’s best independents. Save money and support local. Grab your key to the city here.