Sweet tooth? Try sweet mouth.

Ever wanted to just skip straight to dessert just in case something awful happens and you miss out? We feel your pain. We’ve been on a tour of afters in Liverpool in search of the best end to a meal. The ones where the sugar high doesn’t end with the heartbreaking last spoonful. We know that these desserts aren’t the healthiest but if you think about it, skinny people are easier to kidnap. Safety first, folks. Don’t forget to always save room for dessert, it’s the best dish in case you didn’t know.

Miyagi – Chocolate Brownie Spring Rolls

Spring rolls? Good. Chocolate? Good. Chocolate spring rolls? Goooood.


Crust – Chocolate Ravioli

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is chocolate ravioli and it tastes even better than it looks.


Peanut Butter Mousse – Puschka

Peanut butter mousse, set chocolate Grenache, peanut brittle and vanilla pod ice cream. Lovely to look at and even better to eat.


Nutella Cheesecake – Bold Street Coffee

Hypnotic to look at and eat. Get a slice with their famous coffee and you’re doing this life thing properly.


Ultimate Brownie – Cow & Co Cafe

This right here is a red velvet millionaire shortcake brownie and is a mix of everyone of our favourite treats. God bless whoever baked this.


Lemon Meringue – The Bagelry

This piece of lemon meringue is bigger than our future. There’s something so satisfying about looking at those layers.


Salted Banana & Caramel Popcorn Eclair – The Macaron Shop

This is art. We don’t know whether to eat it or get our picture taken with it.


Cookie Dough FroYo – The Yog Bar

We now believe in love at first sight thanks to this brownie, flake, peanut butter cup and cookie dough bite combo. Just over the water and worth travelling for.


Peanut Butter Sundae – Free State Kitchen

Fancy a sundae fun day? Head to Free State Kitchen for a Mount Everest of homemade peanut butter, Chesire farm chocolate and vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Plant the flag at the top, don’t wave it in defeat.


Tiramisu – Il Forno

An Italian classic. Espresso soaked sponge as light as a feather, cream, lashings of cocoa and a strawberry to, you know, make it healthy.

il forno

Honeycomb and White Chocolate Eton Mess – Rookwood Bar and ‘Cue

Meringue & freshly whipped cream topped with scoop of vanilla Cheshire ice cream. You ever seen such a delicious mess?


Chilli Chocolate Brownie – Lucha Libre

Sweet, sinful and spicy. Brownies are already squares of happiness but adding a bit of chilli into the mix is a game changer.


Jam Doughnut – Portland St 358

This doughnut sandwich is not for the faint hearted. It is so right in a really wrong kind of way and one of these will leave you basking on the couch like a woozy sea lion.


Oreo Cheesecake – Lunya

After one look at this cake we finally felt the pride being a parent must give you. Every bite that comes closer to the end of the cake is equally melancholic as it is delicious.


Chocolate & Amaretto Rocky Road – HOST

Rocky road is a kids classic but this one is for the adults as it is soaked in Amaretto. Enjoy your dessert and keep the party going at the same time.


Gin and Passionfruit Cake – Filter + Fox

If your two favourite hobbies are drinking gin and eating cake you can multi-task in the most beautiful and efficient way ever. Set your watch to gin o’clock and get a slice or two.


Oreo Dusted Churros – Nolita Cantina

Churros are already so good but crumbling Oreos on top of them with an Oreo cream to dip on the side is all kinds of genius.


Gulab Jamun – Mowgli

Among India’s most popular desserts is Gulab Jamun: dumplings soaked in rose flavoured sugar syrup with a scoop of ice cream to the side.


Cookie Dough Waffles Oreo Brownie – Slim’s Pork Chop Express

Cookie dough waffles, brownie chunks, Oreo biscuit, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Undo the top button of your pants for these.


Chocolate Brownie – Salt House Tapas

Let us get this straight. Chocolate brownie? Yes. Peanut butter mascarpone? Yes. On the same plate? Yes. Sorry diet.


Salted Caramel Cheesecake – Almond

The words salted caramel and cheesecake in the same sentence? You know it can only be good. Some beautiful sugar work on the side too that looks so pretty you don’t know whether to eat it or get your picture taken with it.


Banana Drama – Almost Famous

Banana, toffee sauce, buttery biscuit base, chocolate buttons, toasted marshmallows and ice cream. The base is one Greg Wallace himself would be proud of.


Deep Fries Oreos – Deathrow Dive & Diner

Didn’t think it would possible to make an Oreo any better than its original state? You’re so wrong. Deep fry it and lay it on a mountain of chocolate ice cream, chocolate buttons, squirty cream and chocolate sauce. Hangovers tremble in the sight of this.


Ice Cream – The Quarter

I know what you’re thinking, how good can ice cream be? Well, head to The Quarter and find out. Make sure you get a scoop of the Honeycomb.

ice cream

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