The two wonderful worlds of silent disco and yoga are coming together. Grab your mat.

A perfect opportunity to rebalance your heart and mind. Enjoy the harmony and beauty within the tranquil environs of the Palm House bringing your practice close to nature while enhancing the experience with breath-taking sights and sounds. As if normal Yoga within the setting of The Palm House wasn’t enough, it’s about to get a silent disco twist on March 12th from 6:45-8pm and we’re pretty excited to see the outcome.

Experiencing many walks of life before “coming back home,” Niamh, your instructor for the evening, shares the way of the heart using energy of body, mind and breath to bring out the aliveness of what is hidden. Honouring all expressions in life, Niamh surrounds herself with weird and wonderful crazy cats as well as tender beings: all hearts—closed, open & broken, creatives, free thinkers, visionaries, nature’s brilliance and raw elements.

The music will come from DJ Lupine and will explore the direct consequence of each element on the psyche to deliver a truly uplifting and emotional experience. The final co-existence of these elements produces a truly beauty journey from start to finish in a symbiosis of music and soul. With a layering of feeling that transcends through Lupine’s music, it becomes obvious his inspirations are drawn from happiness and a sense of freedom, it becomes of no surprise this reflects in his music.

Tickets are £15, you can book them by emailing Wireless headsets are light, comfy & secure. See you there!