They’ve built a huge following online, their food is immense and now they have their own shop. Happy ever after?

PICNIC have been popping up all over the city but finally have bricks and mortar of their own and the venue will be on Smithdown Road – a heavily student-populated area that is going through an independent renaissance as of late. It started in a unit, moved to Baltic Market, went on to Grand Central, briefly spent time at Berry Street and we’re exhausted just thinking about all that moving. Well-known for some of the tastiest, healthiest and most vibrant food in the city delivered right to your door. Yes – all of the enjoyment of a takeaway with zero guilt. We’re not sure we can fully process that just yet.

We caught up with Sam and Lauren to find out more about PICNIC and what Smithdowners can expect…

Hey guys. Tell us a bit about how PICNIC started…

PICNIC started in December of last year, when two friends Sam and Lauren noticed a lack in healthier food delivered. We began with a unit in L18 and it pretty much exploded from there! Since  day one of opening we have been on the hunt for a shop in the right location and after LOTS of negotiating and planning, we can finally say we are there! 

What kind of food is it?

We specialise in healthier takeaway food, however, we pride ourselves on the fact you can either be ‘naughty or nice’ to yourself with us. You can grab burgers, loaded fries & wraps for example (which are still significantly healthier than your standard takeaway) or be super healthy with our super fresh platters/salads, juices and specials. With our new shop opening we want to expand our food offering massively. One addition we are really excited about is our burrito bowls.

When will you be open and where?

We are still in the planning phase now but aim to be open mid-year. We will announce it very soon. In the meantime we have one more very special pop-up which will be announced in the next couple months. We are taking over 2/3rds of the hairdressers Avant Garde next to Spitroast. They’re staying we’re just taking over most of the building.

Why Smithdown?

We began our journey in South Liverpool and this is where we have grown the majority of our custom base, we have always targeted this area and believe Smithdown is a blossoming food heaven with some absolute gems already on the road. We cannot wait to be a part of the offering.

What can we expect to eat?

The best thing to expect is that we will be back delivering full force, as well as having the ability to come and sit in and experience the carefully designed interior. It’s going to be a real social space, PICNIC style. You can expect our burgers, wraps, salads & new additions like you have never seen them before. We will be offering breakfast and brunch 6 days a week as well as our famous Sunday Roast. We are also aiming to offer coffee, treats, shakes & smoothies. You can come spend time with us, or simply grab and go. We can’t wait. 

You can help make PICNIC a reality AND pick yourself up an amazing deal through their crowdfunding campaign here.