Are you game? 

Virtual reality (or “VR”) is a computer simulated environment brought to life in front of your eyes through a VR headset. To VR RCADE, VR is the next step in truly immersive gaming. By placing the player in the centre of the action you are fully involved in the game and able to interact in ways you never could before.  

VR RCADE houses four virtual reality booths fitted with cutting-edge VR kit including PlayStation VR and HTC Vive consoles. There is a large selection of games and VR experiences appropriate for all ages, interests and skill levels. Try multiplayer family friendly party games; explore exotic climates or travel somewhere more interstellar; fight crime as your favourite superhero characters, or scare yourself silly with heart-pounding horror games: there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The virtual reality booths fit parties of four so family and friends can share the experience and view the gameplay through in-booth TVs. Many games, especially titles for younger audiences, require teamwork and co-operation to solve puzzles. 


A unique new form of entertainment in Liverpool city centre, virtual reality gaming arcade VR RCADE opens on 22 November 2017! The new store on Jamaica Street in Liverpool’s trendy Baltic Triangle gives you the opportunity to try the latest and greatest names in VR gaming, in booths that are custom built to enhance the experience. You’ll find classic gamer refreshments, snacks and coffee to fuel your adventures. VR RCADE even take the fun on the road to bring VR gaming to your own parties and events. 


The calendar of events is quickly building with game launch parties and holiday/themed events throughout the year. Fancy flying an X-wing or jousting Jedi to celebrate the newest Star Wars film this December? You know you do! More info here