Give peas a chance.

The bourgeoning Bold Street has often been described as the world on a plate. On one simple cobbled stretch you can take your tastebuds all around the world. From Jamaica to Lebanon, small plates to big and the odd beloved Indian street food restaurant in between – there’s good reason it’s becoming the foodie quarter of the city. The last few years have been huge for Bold Street, it’s barely unrecognisable with the explosion of independents and culture. It’s a street that pulsates a Bohemian vibe. Not content on the buzz stopping there we introduce you to LIV, an organic food market with a bakery AND cafe that plans to be a game-changer.

LIV is situated in Radiant House, the former home of The Liverpool Gas Company and a building that quite literally lit up Liverpool. It was truly at the centre of pioneering innovation in Liverpool, well ahead of its time in engineering as it was in employee welfare and customer experience. It was a business that was at the forefront of modern ingenuity during the post-war era. With Liverpool benefiting from one of the lowest prices for gas in the country. It is an impressive building that dominates the street, with its art-deco design and bold roof that rises above the rest. Two golden eagles once adorned the interior of the building, one eagle with a proud and defiant stance, the other with a more bedraggled appearance. The eagles were an iconic part of the building, with such an impact that it was named after the way in which the golden edifices radiated a celestial-like light. LIV plan to carry on the iconic history into a new era; just with less gas and more grapes.


LIV is a brand new store that is a modern concept to your regular food shop, offering only the best in organic, natural and free from foods. LIV’s core concept is to provide only the best organic, natural and healthy foods to all its customers to help them lead a longer, healthier life. The concept is set to be achieved by providing customers with a unique, artisan style twist on the traditional basket shopping experience that they may be accustomed to with the big retail outlets. With wooden shelves and hints of olive green colouring, LIV’s decor resembles the natural environment in which many of its products are sourced from, however with a touch of sleek modernity that appeals to all walks of life.

The offering of healthy, organic and natural products at LIV will be extensive, from fresh fruit and vegetables to home and body care to promote a well-rounded good lifestyle. LIV buyers have extensively searched for the highest-quality foods from unique and innovative brands that are at the forefront of the pioneering healthy foods industry. LIV will also cater for those who follow a free from diet; from the gluten free and dairy free diets to the popular vegan and vegetarian diets which are at the forefront of supporting both animal and environmental welfare. Customers can also enjoy an artisan bakery, where scents of the delicious breads flow in and out the store, enticing


Bold Street regulars in to discover life at LIV. In other words, yet again, we have a reason to cheat on our diet. It’s literally becoming impossible. After shopping in the store, customers can enjoy a delicious bite to eat in LIV Eatery, a delightful lounge area with an exclusively-designed menu. The menu offers one of the healthiest and most natural breakfast and lunch options in Liverpool. To quench one’s thirst, customers can enjoy the taste of health waters, smoothies and of course, the warm and welcoming aromas of herbal teas and organic coffees.

At the heart of LIV is its strong and passionate ethos, which includes both ethical and philanthropic activities that benefit the local community. Plans include educating the public, students and local community on all the forms of recycling including the trendy ‘upcycling’ craze that sees end-of-life products such as wheelie bins being revived and renewed into something useable. The team behind LIV has ensured that “food-to-go” range will only use packaging from suppliers that share similar ethical beliefs to that of LIV. All of the ‘Food-to-Go’ packaging is either recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or reusable, There will also be no plastic bags used in the store, instead the team have chosen an innovative shopping bag that is made out of compostable PBAT and plant based PLA, so that there is no damage to the environment when disposing of the bags.


Similarly, to its sister company, Healthy Foods Online, LIV will also ensure that philanthropic activities are a key part to its day-to-day running. Food donations to the local homeless charity, The Whitechapel Centre will continue, however more frequently and with the introduction of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products. As Healthy Foods Online is a proud partner of the Liverpool-based HomelessGames, an initiative to help those who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion through sport and companionship.

LIV opens tomorrow (13th April) from 11am onwards, head on down!