One Liverpool venue’s ambition to become the city’s new home of Jazz.

Following the success of its inaugural Jazz Festival this August Bank Holiday, a popular Hope Street venue is aiming its sights on becoming the epicentre of live Jazz in the city. Since opening in 2013, Frederiks bar and restaurant has always has a reputation for performance, with music lovers drawn to the venue not only for the artists on the bill, but the ambient surroundings, including a cosy fire, extensive cocktail menu and knowledgeable, friendly staff.

The last year has seen the venue focus its music attention towards Jazz, hosting many diverse and energetic nights, which have showcased aspects of the genre that music lovers may not necessarily be aware of, or have been exposed to. Brainchild of DJ and promoter John Dean, the newly branded Hope Street Jazz events see both solo and group performances, with musicians now making the pilgrimage to perform at Frederiks from across the UK, and even Europe.

City-centre-based John is keen to fly the flag both for international acts, but also future emerging talent closer to home, and is currently working to establish links with local student talent.

“I felt that the whole Jazz thing was under represented in Liverpool, and I want to make Hope Street Jazz at Frederiks a solid destination for Jazz-lovers in the city. The attendance at the recent festival we held really cemented the fact that there’s so many Jazz fans who want somewhere to go every week – rather than just ad-hoc events here and there. We’re giving Jazz that much needed regular Liverpool home.”

Frederiks currently run Hope Street Jazz events every Tuesday and Sunday evening, and the venue regularly sees fans dancing to the bands, completely taking over the bar.

“The Hope Street Jazz nights nights are loads of fun, they’re super accessible and light-years away from what people’s perceptions of Jazz is – you know, that cliche of black roll necks – the beard strokers! That’s not what we’re about – there’s students dancing next to spritely Nans, Georgian Quarter residents jiving with curious tourists – it’s a completely mixed up audience, and it works brilliantly.”

Most Jazz nights at Frederiks end with an open jam for any musicians who want to get up and play along with guest performers, often with surprising results:

“We’ve had jams where suddenly a guy pulls a horn out and plays along with the band – it was brilliant  we didn’t even see him bring it in to Fred’s. It’s things like that that mean our Hope Street Jazz nights are never the same night twice.”

Entry is free for Hope Street Jazz events and they take place at Frederiks every Tuesday and Sunday night from 8pm. September and October’s event programme sees the Jam Scones, Soroush, Deportees, Heavy Lemo and Mamadou and the Lekkete Band amongst the line up. 

For more information and pre-event dinner reservations please contact the venue direct on If you are an artist who is interested in playing at a Hope Street Jazz event at Frederiks please email John Dean for more information on