“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness”

Shakespeare – the infamous wordsmith famous all over the world will soon have a micro pub inspired by his work. Not only is it inspired by William Shakespeare but we imagine it to be the kind of place he’d sit and drink in. With ale, wine and distillates appearing frequently in Shakespeare’s 40-or-so plays and 159 poems, he was something of a literary expert on all things liquor. The Shakespeare inspired micropub “The Bard” located at 57 High Street, Prescot will be open to the public on Wednesday 14 February from 4pm onwards. 

The Bard will be run by husband and wife, John and Julie Marsden, owners of The Melwood Beer Company, a local family craft beer company which has been based on the nearby Lord Derby Estate for five years. Opening a micropub in the Prescot area has been on Melwood’s wish list for some time and fortunately, a few months ago, the ideal location was found. 

Julie said: “We are excited to be bringing the first ever micropub to Prescot! As a local business we fully support the regeneration of Prescot and this is why we want to have our micropub in the area. With the Shakespeare North Playhouse to start building this month (February 2018), “The Bard” is clearly Shakespeare inspired and the concept for our micropub is to create a simple, welcoming and comfortable environment that allows for a selection of quality real ales, craft beer, ciders, wines and artisan spirits including gins be enjoyed.

John said “Micropubs go back full-circle to how pubs used to be, when people actually talked to one another. If you get fifteen people together in a nice environment then conversations are going to spark. The quality of drinks is parallel to the conversation and is the reason people visit in the first place – quality drinks is central to everything for us. In addition to real ales and craft beers we will serve local gins, ciders, spirits and wine as well as a selection of traditional bar snacks. We have regenerated a vacant retail unit into a high quality venue to visit, drink, enjoy & relax. It will be a place I’m sure that will make Prescot a place to visit and will attract more visitors into the town.”

The Bard will have a limited capacity of 40-50 people and there will be no TV, gaming machines or amplified music. Its opening hours will be Monday – Friday 4pm – 10pm and Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 12noon – 10pm. The owners also have plans to bring a new Shakespeare inspired Beer Festival to Prescot, bringing local and national breweries, local food producers and businesses together.