Wouldn’t it be great if they put enough wine in a bottle for two people?

A good bottle of wine with good company – is there anything better? Taking life one sip at a time as you right the worlds wrongs. If that sounds like your cup of tea then you’ll love the sound of Bunch Wine Bar – the new independent and natural wine bar about to grace Berry Street this November. They say one glass of wine a day is good for you but they never tell you how many times to fill it. We sat down with the couple behind it all. Over a glass of wine, of course…

Hello! Tell us about yourself, how did you get into the world of wine?

Certainly can. My name is Bobby Fishel and I’ve been in the wine industry a while, cut my teeth at R&H in Liverpool before moving to London to manage wine lists & wine programmes down there after doing my WSET education. I also run a wine imports company (Gudfish Ltd) importing wine & selling it to restaurants, bars & shops. So I’ve travelled round the world a fair bit tasting & developing relationships with producers.

My partner in the business is also my girlfriend of 6 years Lara Hendrickse, who is actually working as a barrister but she’s quitting her job so we can go on this journey together.

photo by berlinfoodstories.com

What is natural wine and why the passion for it?

Our passion is for natural wines, that is, wines made on a small production by winemakers who don’t use synthetic chemicals in the vineyard or in the winery. Wine is made only from grapes which is something that you don’t see much of in the commercial wine industry unfortunately where all sorts of stuff (over 200 legal additives) is used to make wine from animal products to acids, colours and sugars.

There are definitely health benefits to this with the lack of chemical intervention (they’re also all accidentally vegan friendly too) and by drinking natural wine you’re supporting genuine artisans (much like supporting an independent business over a large corporation). But the most important thing for us is that it tastes great- I’d compare natural wine to cloudy apple juice or unpasteurised cheese. A more intense, characterful & fun version of the bland supermarket shelf product.

photo by vinepair.com

When will you be open?

We’re hoping to open in November this year at 50 Berry Street. People can expect a really simple offering. It’ll just be myself and Lara in there to start with- we’ll be the sommeliers, waiters, cooks & dishwashers.

What can people expect?

Bottles will be on the walls for people to browse and choose to drink in or take home and we’ll have a small food offering too. We’ll have a large selection by the glass to taste & Lara and I will be there to recommend wines and get geeky with those who are interested and just pour a great glass for those who aren’t.

Our inspiration comes from small informal wine bars & cafes across Europe that we love to drink in- particularly Paris. Delicious wine without any stuffiness or snobbery that’s really chilled out. We’ll also be running regular tastings and wine classes and will have a basement cellar for parties & private events.

You had us at wine. Follow their progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and website.

Address: 50 Berry Street, L1 4JQ