Goodbyes are never easy.

Bold Street is the world on one plate. Let the spices of India smack you on the lips at KO Grill, save yourself a flight to Peru at Chica, try a little bit of Lebanon in Liverpool with Bakchich and, well, we could go on. The Asian offering came from Miyagi but although it’s Asian fusion, it doesn’t fuse in the way you’d expect. Miyagi is actually a combination of all points of a compass in Asia and holds semi-folkloric place in the culinary tableau of the city as its appeal is broad and sweeping. Today was bittersweet as we received the news their Bold Street venue will be closing. But don’t be sad, not only can you get your fix at Allerton Rd and Ormskirk, what Miyagi is changing into sounds incredible.

Here is what they said:

“MR M is sad to announce Miyagi on Bold street will be closing its doors on Sunday 24th September, however it will make way for something of which we are extremely excited about, and we hope you will be too! But, don’t despair, you will still be able to get your Miyagi fix at our Allerton Road and Ormskirk venues where we will continue to create the food and drink you guys love for a long, time to come! 

We have enjoyed almost 3 amazing years at this site, but now we feel it’s is time for a change. We have been working on the new concept for just under 12 months and after looking across the city for suitable locations we have come to the conclusion that the best place for it is right here on Bold Street. More information on our new concept will be revealed in the coming weeks and we hope you will like what we have come up with.

The new concept brings together owners Ryan McMahon and Alex Hannah with investment from Liverpool DJ Anton Powers and local entrepreneur Mike Welch OBE (founder of

We will be open until Sunday 24th September so come down for one last time to Miyagi Bold Street to say goodbye to Mr M and wish us good luck for whats to come! We will be offering 20% off all food purchases until this time as a goodbye gesture to all of our lovely customers! Konichiwa. Mr M x

p.s Dia + Noche”


What a really nice gesture. We hope you guys pop down to say goodbye and to get a whopping 20% off your bill. After meeting the guys today we were able to get a sneak peek into their new plans for the space and it sounds absolutely amazing. We’ll have more on that very soon.

Goodbye for now Miyagi, see you soon.