Life is an adventure.

Remember when were young and everything felt like an adventure? We’d spend every spare second exploring the unknown, climbing the untouched and seeing the unseen. As we got older, this notion dwindled for the majority of us, but not all of us. Say hello to Esty Tomas, a man who sees the concrete jungle we’ve built around us as one big playground. A man who’s pictures give us jelly legs. A man who has given us an angle of Liverpool that we have not ever seen before and it might just be our favourite angle yet. We were lucky enough to coax him down from one of the many buildings he has been climbing long enough to catch up with him.


When did this all start?

It all started when I was a lot younger, my older brother started practising Parkour and naturally being the younger brother I copied and it quickly became something that was so normal in my everyday life. I’m not one to speak for the entire Parkour community but I feel like Parkour opens different ways to explore your city and for me it was a natural progression.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 14.02.20

Have you been banned from any buildings?

Surprisingly I went for a long time without getting banned from anywhere but I recently got banned from St John’s precinct.  You know it’s pretty funny I climbed the Eiffel Tower with James Kingston and never received a ban, but I climbed St John’s and now I’m banned for life… How’s that work!

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What’s your favourite view of Liverpool or place to climb?

Favourite view? Not too sure I’d have to say the Unity building with it being the highest climb I’ve done in Liverpool. Favourite place to climb?… hmm there’s a few easy climbs in Liverpool that are nice to do when you’re feeling lazy, but my favourite kind of climbs are ones that are more intricate and Include a lot more exploring.

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Can we expect more from you in the future?

For sure! I’m always looking for new things to climb… there’s a few things in Liverpool that I’ve had my eye on but you’re gonna have to wait and see! Other than that I’m hoping to head out to Dubai again at some point, Hong Kong and New York are on the list too.

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