Scandi-inspired pop up with a strong emphasis on local. We’re in.

Nordic flags blow in the wind on Liverpool’s Swedish church, the Gustaf Adolfs Kyrka – a remaining link to our history with the old Baltic states. The Nordic sailors would have taken rest here as their imported timber was loaded into the warehouses that surround the church. There’s always been an aquatic connection between ourselves and the Nordic area and Liverpool, very recently, got Scandic-cool and there’s much more on offer than meatballs. Enter SKAUS, a Nordic-inspired pop up dining adventure created Dan and Josh who met in Free State Kitchen. Fuelled by passion for food and a pint or two they got talking and now SKAUS is about to have its first ever event. Nordic inspired, locally sourced yet quintessentially Scouse – the golden trio. 

On the 6th April SKAUS will be taking over HUS to cook up a Scandinavian storm to celebrate all things smoked, cured and pickled. HUS is the new independent on the block and perfectly fitting as its again Scandinavian inspired. It looks like they’ve copy and pasted all the things you dream of taking home in IKEA and their menu is as intriguing as it is delicious. The night will consist of seven dish menu, a specially made arrival cocktail from the bar team at HUS, and some ambient music performed by a Norwegian musician that studies locally at LIPA. Not only is the food Nordic inspired but so are the techniques. The taste of Scandinavia but with Scouse ingredients. As we speak, Dan and Josh are quite literally building their own fire pit and smoker. Even the rocks and pebbles have been handpicked from Crosby beach to insulate it. Doesn’t get much more local than that.

As well as bags of rocks, Dan and Josh have bags of enthusiasm and the passion that shines brighter than a beetroot jam. They’re in it for the right reasons and they’re not in it to make a fast buck. Food wastage issues and preservation is at the heart of the SKAUS mantra so a focus on smoking, pickling and curing produce ensures it’s life is extended and none goes to waste.. Their produce picks their menus rather than the other way around – this seasonal emphasis gives you another reason to return. They’re keeping the actual dishes a secret until a couple weeks before the event. Expect to see SKAUS pop at various food festivals and events throughout the year with the aim of opening a permanent venue in the future. 

Half the tickets have gone already for their first night, we urge you don’t miss out. Grab them here.