The element of surprise is a wave Liverpool has been riding on for some time.

No longer are we buying the “one size fits all” approach. We’re becoming increasingly attracted to the tailored, the more intimate and the beauty that comes alongside simplicity. We want different and lord knows Liverpool is a place that specialises in just that. Say hello to Sofar Sounds; the music gig unlike any other you’ve ever heard of. Why? Well, you sign up for the gig through the website way in advance and they don’t tell you where it is or who you’re seeing until 24 hours before. The tickets are free, they just ask for a donation.


Like most good ideas, Sofar Sounds was started by two best friends over a couple of beers. They’d often meet up at gigs to check out the local music scene but became increasingly disillusioned by the modern offering. They hated standing next to people talking when they came to hear the artist so decided to host a more intimate gig in a house in London. A grand total of eight people came that night. Everyone was able to sit on the couch and without realising it, during that evening, their lives would never be the same.


Over the years Sofar Sounds has invented an unusual platform for up and coming singers but they’ve also had some stars along the way. George Ezra, James Bay, Bastille and Caribou to name but a few have been known to pop up sporadically. They don’t do it for the money, they do it because of what the evening stands for –  good times and even better music. A place to truly listen to the artist, talk to them after it and even pour them a glass of wine.


In Liverpool they’re currently hosting a couple of gigs a month and very recently popped up in REX, Liverpool’s first independent department store, after hours for a beautiful and intimate serenading. So far they’ve had the very talented Natalie McCool, local legends Mic Lowry and a lot more. They’ve got some big plans for this city and they want you to be a part of it. Not only do they want more people to come to their secret gigs but they also want some of you to open your homes for the experience of a lifetime.


This amazing movement started in a living room and has since touched most corners of the world. Make sure you check out future gigs here.