The very definition of handmade and heartfelt.

Lost Cosmos, run by Samantha Lockwood, is for the illuminated, the spirited and the dreamers as it provides bespoke, one off pieces designed to heal yourself, mind, body, and spirit.  With a strong focus on styling and fashion, every piece captures beauty and magic. Her jewellery is much more than a fashion statement and within each crystal is a little piece of Samantha. Not literally like, that’d be creepy.

She also provides holistic therapies and a range of massage treatments out of her Allerton based treatment room. We sat down with Samantha to catch up on her journey so far:

Tell us your story. What were you doing before this?

After 12 years of working in hospitality, I realised that all of the hard work I was putting in to other people’s businesses, and helping them grow, and quite often not being appreciated, wasn’t as rewarding as it once was. I decided it was time to build something of my own. At the time, I had only recently returned from travelling after being away for 4 years, and I was feeling a little lost and unsure of what I wanted to do, I just knew I needed a change.

Whilst sat in my bedroom making myself a necklace, thinking of ways to escape my current job, I had a sudden epiphany… why not sell my own jewellery online? I had made a living off it whilst travelling so why couldn’t I do it now. I was ready to work for myself.

Other than that there was no real planning or thought process that went into me creating a business, it was only a couple of nights later whilst drinking cocktails in Some Place, incredibly smashed off absinthe that I came up with the name “Lost Cosmos” I was thinking of how I felt when I came home, and the journey I had been on leading up to that precise moment, and I guess I was feeling cosmic at the time.

What inspired you to start Lost Cosmos?

My business was inspired gradually as I was travelling, I had learnt how to make jewellery using macrame and was selling my creations along the way, I was learning more about healing crystals, practising yoga everyday, and I was becoming increasingly more aware of the natural, holistic ways of life and the health benefits received from this lifestyle. I was growing more into my authentic self everyday and knew I was on the right life path.

Once I had started up Lost Cosmos I was feeling more inspired than ever. I wanted to build a brand that covered all corners of healing, everything from crystal healing jewellery to a wide range of holistic therapies. I went back to college to make this happen and studied Complimentary Therapies, and since then have had my Reiki 2 attunement, and qualified in Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head.

It is such a positive time to be a holistic therapist in Liverpool right now, the health scene is expanding progressively, with more vegan restaurants popping up and access to so many amazing yoga studios, I’m very excited to be part of such a vibrant cultural revolution.

We noticed you accept the Local Liverpool Pound – how has that been?

I was signed up to Colu in December 2016, at the Independent Liverpool Christmas market where I was selling my jewellery. I was instantly in love with the concept of the Local Liverpool Pound, a digital currency designed to support local independent businesses and keep money in local pockets.

It was a great way to interact with my customers, getting them onboard and using the app to pay for my services, helping them save money by using the app too. For every person who signed up, Colu gave them £5 for free! If you’re an independent business owner it makes so much sense to be involved with the local pound, not only are you keeping the money local and helping small businesses thrive, you get to take card payments without charges for every transaction you take as well as expensive terminal fees.

Since using the app I have grown my healing business quicker than I could have imagined, I had only been a qualified Complimentary Therapist for 8 months at the time of my first promotion with Colu. I put on a special offer which was £15 for a 60 minute Swedish massage when they topped up. This generated a lot of new customers for me, who have since been coming monthly to see me, and their recommendations through word of mouth have been amazing as well.

I definitely have Colu to thank for giving my business a boost, it helped me reach people I wouldn’t have necessarily been able to.

Good luck Samantha! If you want to check out her wonderful work or book a massage in Allerton, visit the website here or download the Colu app here for contact details and to find loads more businesses like Samantha to help support.