Creating a buzz, not making a noise.

It felt just like a normal Monday in lockdown. A walk, a takeaway coffee and pandemic-fuelled- anxiety creating a sudden dread we didn’t order decaf. Just a normal day. That was, until, we happened upon an Instagram page named Backyard Liverpool with a bio promising cocktails, beers and tacos. Which, if we were directing The Sound of Music, would have definitely replaced the current list in the song ‘a few of our favourite things’. We got in touch with them as we just had to find out more.

Backyard LA meets San Diego beer garden – slap-bang in the middle of The Ropewalks. But not so slap-bang in the middle you’d just stumble upon it. Backyard is purposefully a little off-track, making a visit every much more worth seeking out. The demand for outdoor since the pandemic has grown exponentially and the city isn’t short of brilliant outdoor spaces – Backyard looks like
another to add to the bucket list.

Spritz, twists and highballs – expect classic and familiar drinks with a twist. A strong focus on quality beers, gin, fizz and tequila. We’ve even been promised a watermelon tequila cocktail served inside a mini-purple wheelie bin. Keeping the LA and San Diego theme going, food will come in the form of fresh tacos and nachos that are perfect for “sharing”. Whatever that is.

From April 12th outdoor hospitality can commence. It’s been a big old slog to be closed for our beloved independent restaurants and bars. If we lived in a place a little bit warmer I think owners would be a lot more excited about being outdoor only but hopefully Backyard can bring some of that San Diego sun for us Scousers.

Backyard opens this month. Check their website here and their Instagram here

ADDRESS: Wolstenholme Sq, L1 4JJ