The Beatles’ most famous track is to be brought to life in a completely free and enchanting style for an unforgettable night.

On June 1, 1967 the Beatles released Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album was unlike anything that had gone before – and its power and impact transcended that one heady period of time so that 50 years on, it is widely regarded as the most important rock and roll album ever made. To mark this special anniversary, Liverpool has commissioned 13 never-before-seen events, influenced by each track on the album. Expect dance, music, art, theatre and sheer magical spectacle on a large – and small – scale, as our very special celebration unfolds.

The event is inspired by Lucy, the girl with kaleidoscopic eyes, from John Lennon’s famous song. It will mark the inspiration for a wonderful evening of true magic where tangerine trees and marmalade skies will fall in comparison. The event is set to take over Camp Hill, Woolton Woods, from 8pm on Thursday 1 June in a world premiere event which will transform the area into a magical space of performance, story-telling, music, light and pyrotechnics.

Fancy a moonlit picnic under the stars of Liverpool? Of course you do! If not, there’ll be food on site but don’t forget to take something warm. We may be verging on the summer but we do live in the United Kingdom, let’s be realistic. For months, one of the world’s best fireworks company – GroupeF have been working alongside music composer Scott Gibbons to create a unique piece of work which celebrates both The Beatles and the city.

The soundtrack to the evening will be made up of sounds that have shaped the Liverpool we know today. Expect lots of The Beatles, such as Strawberry Fields and of course Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds. Most people are aware of the brilliant work The Lantern Company do and if you’re yet to hear of them, your eyes are in for a treat. Audiences can expect a night of visual treats, an illuminated family of puppets that will walk about and add a bit of psychedelia to the evening. Well, it’s what The Beatles would have wanted.

There’s lots more going on in the night with a whole schedule of pre-entertainment. It all sounds wonderful, we can’t wait to see you there. For full details of The SGT Pepper at 50 programme please visit