We’re going to need some bigger pants.

Pizza, however you like it, is basically circular happiness. Even the sight of pizza makes us feel all gooey inside like the cheese topped pizza we often find ourselves pining for. There are fewer delights in the world than a box of warm pizza on your lap or plate and as if Liverpool wasn’t cheese-laden enough, there’s some new pizza joints guaranteed to make your wallet and waistline gulp. In the last couple of months two new pizza places have opened and in the next 3 months 3 more plan to open so we sat down with the guys and girls behind the slices to find out why Liverpool has lost its god-damn mind over pizza.

If you’re on a diet either look away now and do what we do and just get your pizza cut into 4 slices rather than 8.

Love & Rockets

What was once BIER on Lark Lane is now Love & Rockets, a pizza, craft beer and tequila joint that tells us not all change is bad. The name is a homage to an 1980’s Mexican comic and the walls are bedecked with mini graphic novels from the comic books. Thin long slabs of wood along with booths invite people in to lose their hunger and find some new friends. They also created a pizza where one of toppings is Monster Munch so they’re practically geniuses.

We caught up with them:

“Love & Rockets is a craft beer bar, that aims to serve awesome pizzas. We are passionate believers that great pizza starts with the dough and the manner in which you cook it. Our toppings are deliberately more new than old world, and we’ve tried to combine providing traditional classics with a few new ideas that will raise eyebrows but – we’re sure – will also prove to be hugely popular. We’ve got some awesome products from Beavertown, Tiny Rebel, Kona, as well as old favourites such as Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn. We wanted to add a pizza element that supplements the style of beer we serve. Our pizzas are a bit different than your regular pizza place, our best seller is ‘Buffalo Stance’, which is a fried chicken, pineapple and hot sauce pizza. Our margarita is a take on the Margarita Cocktail, which includes a lime rind and salt base. Our Pizzas are £6.95 so we feel they’re really good value too!”


American Pizza Slice

For 14 years the New York inspired American Pizza Slice have been cramming much more than a big apple down people’s faces. Famous for their pizza served up by the slice and for an 18” inch monster guaranteed to have you basking on the couch like a woozy sea lion, they’re at the cornerstone of Liverpool’s pizza prowess. If you haven’t heard the news, they’re opening up on Bold Street and it plans to be bigger and better than ever. More info about their opening here.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Setting up our new place has been in the works for a while, and it’s probably Liverpool’s worst kept secret by now! Probably ’cause we’re way too excited. Our new place is going to be a totally new thing for us, and being on Bold Street is going to be pretty damn cool.”



Off the back of national acclaim for their pizza at the English Italian Awards, Il Forno are opening their latest venture on, where else, but Bold Street? Every city has a street that defines them and for us, Bold Street keeps on doing that, month in and month out. They’ll be open soon and we’re eagerly anticipating all things pizza, pasta and beer. They will also have some organic and gluten-free dough available too so everyone can grab a pizza the action.

Here’s what Crust had to say:

“We wanted to keep things simple with Crust – it’s all about focusing on Italy’s two star dishes, pizza and pasta. The setting, although influenced by rustic Italy, will be vibrant, casual and little bit quirky, so that’s where the decision to make beer the beverage of choice fits in. All up, we’ll be serving around 50 types of pizza and calzone along with many handmade pasta dishes and 30 different craft beers. That’s a lot to choose from, but as Italians, we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s in our nature to keep everyone well-fed at all times!”



New for 2015 from the team behind Liverpool student’s most beloved food and booze emporium, The Font, comes Dough Bar. Located at the edge of Grand Central student accommodation, Dough is a home from home for students and Scousers alike. As well as some dishy pizzas they also do a pretty mean dessert so luckily there’s a separate dessert organ that can handle an afters no matter how much pizza you have.

We caught up with them:

“Day or night, join us for ‘Ice and a Slice’ as our team serve up a range of craft beers, refreshing cocktails and mouth-watering artisan pizzas, prepared fresh onsite. We show all the major sporting events on big screens throughout the bar and can also host your university club or society’s meetings, events and parties. See you soon!”


Santa Maluco

The guys who brought you Salt Dog Slim’s, Santa Chupitos, Slim’s Pork Chop Express and more, now bring you ‘Santa Maluco’, a wood fired oven where the cocktails and pizza are made from scratch. After successfully entering the restaurant world with Slim’s Pork Chop Express, they’re ready for another venture but instead of smoking meats they’re firing up pizzas and we just know it’s going to be good. Castle Street already has some great independents and this is only going to add to making the street a destination.

Here’s what the chaps had to say:

“We will bring something unique to an end of town we have looked at for some time. We will be be doing pizzas from wood fired ovens and the bar will have a Santa Chupitos drinks element in regards to its feel and cocktails. Think great cocktails, 5 dollar shakes and lots of pizza!”