Free gin? Where do we sign up.

Widely regarded as the hidden jewel amid the warehouses and creative industries the area now harbours, at the Baltic Triangle’s heart beats The Botanical Garden. It’s a little piece of escapism in the city, a sublime sanctuary tucked away down a narrow street in the shadow of the looming Anglican Cathedral in the background, which has cultivated a following not only across the city and region but for visitors seeking to find a different side to Liverpool’s resplendent cultural scene. It’s an idyllic home for a variety of flora and fauna which adds to the relaxed ambience and sense of being a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, which is only a ten minute walk away but feels like much further.

As if there wasn’t enough reason to spend a day soaking in the rays at Botanical Garden, on Tuesdays they’re giving us all a pretty good deal. Simply walk 10,000 steps around our beautiful city and there’s a 2-4-1 gin at the end of it waiting for you. Share a day out, take in the views and share the gin with a loved one – not a bad Tuesday if you ask us. Upon arrival you simply have to do show your steps on your phone. Attaching your phone to your dog and letting it run around in the garden doesn’t count or work. We found out the hard way.

As you can expect there’s a keen focus on that once derided and now lauded juniper-flavoured spirit, with mouth-watering gin and tonics from a special menu of bespoke drinks suitable for any occasion, sipped and supped in the wonderful al fresco setting. Some of the signature cocktails in the past have included: The Tarragona; Portobello Road Gin, oleo saccharum, fresh lemon & tarragon, soda, served with a lemon slice and tarragon sprig.  The Hot G&T; Portobello Road Gin, tonic syrup, boiling water, served with an orange twist & juniper berries. The Baltic Iced Tea; Portobello Road Gin, Creme de Peche, fresh lemon, chilled Earl Grey tea, served long with a lemon wheel & peach bitters.

The Botanical Garden
49 New Bird St