You may have been hearing a few rumblings of change stirring in the air.

Something to change the way we support our independents forever and today, proudly, we can announce Liverpool is getting its own local digital currency and we are working with them. A Liverpool Local Pound, you say? What kind of sorcery is this? Well it’s a local currency, it keeps more money in local pockets, it promotes the wonderful and unique and it has big plans for the city. The technology has been built by friends of Independent Liverpool, Colu. Their app is super secure and they have been very well funded to help local economies thrive. We are proud to announce we are their first partner in the UK, and Liverpool is the first city they have launched in. Since its launch, the local Liverpool currency has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph. Good old Liverpool setting trends again, eh?

photo by Dave Wood

There are now 40+ businesses in Liverpool accepting the local pound and when you load money on, you get up to 15% extra for your money, saving you 15% when shopping local, and yes, you can use your Independent Liverpool cards as well. Why is this good for the independent? The business is getting the full amount of cash, removing the fees attached to every card transaction you make.

These bonuses will likely change but for now, go and enjoy a Hotdog From Meet Frank (we recommend the vegan hafla hound mmmmm…..) or a Chicken Shawarma from our mates at Bakchich. Swedish Meatballs from HUS anyone?

photo by Geoff Drake

If you are on your phone now, click here or below to download and see all the other amazing businesses accepting the Liverpool Local Pound! Did we mention you get £5 free to help get going, so make sure you download it now as we all know calories don’t exist when you get free money so take advantage whilst you can. Think of it like this, just for downloading the app you can get a taste of how to use it in the form of a freakshake, pint of pale ale or a burger bigger than your head. Supporting local has never tasted so delicious or been so easy.

iPhone users click here, Android users click here or search ‘Colu‘ on your app store next time you are out and about and be a part of the revolution.

This is just the beginning, big things are to come.

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