Gold for Liverpool!

Apparently Liverpudlians are more likely to hold a door open for someone, hold the lift for someone else and help others with heavy shopping bags than any other group of people. They also say small gestures mean the most. A survey was commissioned by Travelodge ahead of Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17 and it found a massive 55 per cent of Liverpool residents will perform a random act of kindness. Considering the national average is around the 33 per cent mark, that’s pretty impressive.

photo by Dave Wood

Last year and this year have been full of feel-good stories. From an ex-homeless man cooking a free Christmas dinner for over 1000 homeless or elderly people to kids handing wrapping scarves and notes around lamp posts in the city during the cold winter months for the homeless. You can’t argue the city has a big heart.

photo by Geoff Drake

Here’s how the top ten looked:

  1. Liverpool – 55%
  2. York – 51%
  3. Manchester – 48%
  4. Aberdeen – 40%
  5. Plymouth – 38%
  6. Wolverhampton – 37%
  7. Leeds – 35%
  8. Cambridge – 34%
  9. Glasgow – 32%
  10. London – 31%

Featured image by @ridethesunset